Monday, February 23, 2009

My Fashion Review.. Oscars 2009

Marisa Tomei.. in Versace Atelier. A bit on the skinny side, but the dress is stunning, love the folds, my fav.

Angie.. Oh Angie.. too boring my dear..
(kind of reminded me of snow white's evil step mother)

Bridget Fonda.. I sympathize.

Melissa George.. Where's the groom?

Amanda Seyfried.. Loose the straps and the shoes and it might, just might, look good.

Tilda Swinton.. Beauty Queen from Mars..

Alicia Keys.. nice color, looking glam.

Leslie Mann.. Disco ball?

Virginia Madsen .. like the color, hate the shape. Makes you look bulky on top.

Queen Latifa.. over weight + satan = Disaster.

Heidi Klum.. Love the dress and jewellery, but not for the oscars.

Jessica Biel.. you have one of the most beautiful figures in hollywood, why hide behind a giant drape?

SJP.. It might be a little fairy-tailish, but I like!

The Pimp, Mickey Rourke.

Taraji P. Henson.. Beautiful dress, hair and necklace!

Beyonce Knowles.. you need to sit down and breath (if you can) and think about all the damages you've caused.
And what's up with this robotic pose!!

Miley Cyrus.. you look like a christmas tree on a snowy day..
too old for you. love the top part though.

Vanessa Hudgens.. would have loved seeing bright colors on you. Dress is fine, compared to Miley's.

Kate Winslet.. Love Love the color. But I feel as if there's something missing, a smile?

Anne Hathaway.. yet another safe and boring choice.
dress makes her big features pop up making her head look as if it's not in proportion with her body. Dress is blukh..

Penelope Cruz.. I know its vintage Balmain and all.. but still!

Natalie Portman.. Love the color, but it's more like a prom dress.

Amy Adams.. Red head, Red dress, Red carpet.. ENOUGH!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Italian Road trip

Italy's countryside
what a breathtaking view
we took a 3 hours road trip
It was a beauuuuutiful sunny day
perfect weather
Abba's music in the background
(navigator's annoying hypnotic voice is disabled of course!)
shuffling numerous maps in my hand
a camera in the other
roads were smooth and straight forward
happy drivers along the road
I started noticing that once you're in the highway
you can drive for almost an hour without a single exit!
so you better know exactly where you're going otherwise you're screwed
all was under control
we're on the right track
when all of a sudden
I took a quick glimpse at the navigator
"what the..!!" I said, with a broken voice
so.. trying to get from point a to point b took us at least 30 minutes!
of course there was some screaming
slowing down
turning in the same round-about at least 3 times
coffee spilled
maps crumpled
phone keeps on ringing and ringing o mo wagta
when we finally made it I thought
"Italians don't always do it better"

but once we arrived at our destination

I realized that.. THEY DO!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


1. man flu

The condition shared by all males wherein a common illness (usually a mild cold) is presented by the patient as life-threatening. This is also known as 'Fishing for Sympathy' or 'Chronic Exaggeration'.

When the patient is your boyfriend, he will exhibit the standard symptoms (such as an overwhelming desire for compassion) while simultaneously rejecting any and all efforts you make to placate him.

You: Awww, you poor fella.

Him: I'm DYING!

You: (Soothingly) Oh, you're not dying Cy.

Him: (Indignant) I AM! I have Man Flu!

You: Do you need some sympathy?

Him: Yes! But no one understands my pain...

You: I understa-


Source: Urban Dictionary

Thursday, February 19, 2009

اسماء مناطق الكويت و معانيها

Art for investment?

You might say:"maybe in 2006.. but not now!"
and that maybe has too many sub maybes to follow..
but for me.. I'd chose art as investment over stocks in a blink..
even in 2006
you'd ask why?
I'll tell you.
  • I'm not financially savvy, and don't know anything about stocks.
  • I have a thing that if I don't do it myself and fully comprehend what I'm getting into then forget it.
  • Everyone, all of a sudden happens to be financial experts with all the inside information, advise you on which stock to buy and whatnot.. (yalla yalla ilsoog 9a3id, everyone get in, buy buy you'll be a millionaire tomorrow!)
  • I don't like the control and grasp of the market over my personal financial stability.
  • I love beauty and would rather invest in something beautiful to pass onto my grandchildren. (Jewellery too)
  • In 2003-2007, art prices were ridiculously on the rise! they hit a plateau in 2006 when paintings like ones by Damien Hurst were auctioned for millions of dollars, leaving a tiny profit window in reselling value, and eventually to depreciation.

I'd say now is a good time to buy great art at reasonable prices.

if you want to invest in art, you'd have to educate yourself and learn about that piece before just buying it. Look at the history and style. Learn about the artist, where he studied and who he studied with.
If you're on a low budget hunt, I'd suggest looking for artist who have studied with the finest teachers and who hasn't hit yet. But it's extremely risky.
If budget is not an issue, then the only prerequisite is investment in top-quality art.
Experts say that over the long-term, experience suggests 10 years and more, investment in art provides annual average returns.
There are more details to investment in art, research is always the key.

Free Tip:
One artist is a must if you're looking for beauty and investment.
Juan Genoves, born in Valencia 1930, is one of Spain's best-known contemporary artists.
His recent work explores people in groups, represented through bird’s-eye views of crowds where buildings, roads, trees or clues to a common landscape are nonexistent. This style creates a sense of severity and dislocation, thus allowing the viewer to make his own conclusion.
"Due to his stature as the one of the best known contemporary artist of Spain, his advanced age and limited recent production, artworks by Genoves may be some of the best possible artworks to buy, if a collector views art as investment, as well." --Art as Investment.

Lovely.. no?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

for Party Goers..

Look of the Week: Couture

(Dior, Elie Saab, Valentino)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

karma.. it's coming to get you..

how can I simplify it..
a person is rewarded or punished
as a consequence of one's actions
if you hurt others verbally, mentally or physically.. your release of negative energy will soon come back to you one way or the other
and vice versa
if you do good deeds and say nice things, your positive energy will result in bringing you happiness and peace
(unless you truly comprehend your mistakes and sincerely apologize for making them which is a heroic act by itself)
everybody makes mistakes
(they vary by size and importance of course)
why do people make others' mistakes their personal issue?
why do they pry on others' business?
why do they ridicule the misfortune of others?
لما الناس تقول
"ماكو دخان بدون نار"
لأ .. للأسف أكو
أكو ناس تروج اشاعات لغرض في نفسهم
و للتسليه و االهو في مشاعر, و حياة و اعراض الآخرين
there are people who thrive on the misery and fragility of others its disgusting
people who are deeply sad and insecure (or abused) from the inside
people who are full of themselves who never see their own broken environment before judging others
people who are full of hatred and jealousy
people who claim to be angelic yet they're merely the devil in disguise
people who try to always see the faults of others before their virtues
those kind of people never realise that one day
they will be in a worse situation
and there will always be a person just like them
to laugh and talk about what happened
judge and make fun
So please think before you utter disgraceful remarks that will definitely make a mark in other people's lives

treat others as you would wish to be treated

Saturday, February 14, 2009



la7tha khal anfeth ilghbaar..
9arli taqreeban shahar!
have I been missed?.. anyone?.. (lol)
so.. madri shagool!!
as if I'm starting all over again..
inzain this is a little souvenir,
blooming just in time for Valentines..