Thursday, June 18, 2009

please stop tacky invitations!

An invitation makes it or breaks it for me.
I sometimes decide on going to an event based on how much I admire the invitation, unless it's a close family thing. (ba3ad shinsawee)
The whole purpose of invitations is to inform you about an event taking place, what's it all about, where it's located, at what time, what date, RSVP and all..
So all you need to send me is something very clear and not confusing, stating all of the above.

I don't need invitations in embellished jewelry boxes with fake crystals and dangling little birdies.
I don't need to look for the invitation between silk flowers and potpourri.
I don't need an invitation embossed on clear plexi-glass, which I have to carry against some light in order for me to see, and it's so freakin heavy I almost burst a nerve! (shda3wa lol)
I don't neeeeeed all of this!! really!!

All I'm asking for is a simple card.. nothing more..
You can have beautiful creative cards with lovely designs and flattering color combinations that are simply gorgeous! makes me look forward to the event..

please don't over do it! save your money and spend it on something worthwhile..


Deema said...

wow! I was actually discussing over this particular topic this morning with my friend! she's supposed to design an invitation that is very basic unlike the elaborate standard, and her mother wants it the simple classic one.. they both want it simple however, there is a difference when it is about re-questioning the standards like why should we write this or that..

I told her to settle the dispute you can make a design that limits you to write a minimal description on the event ;p

Miznah said...


:* I applaud you! Thank you Thank you for making a difference in such a tacky world!! lol

Bravo, Great idea..! anything but the "elaborate" standard! and why not change the wording? I say go for it, the simpler the better ;)

Anonymous said...

u know ..
we r living in kind of fake sociaty

that sociaty that cear's about the outlook more than a specific needs....

I admire ur way of thinking & being such practical ...

our socaity needs more flixablity & much more understaning thing a it is ....

Euphoria said...

Ewww, typical khaliji invitation lol

Miznah said...


yes sad and true. They measure value by extravagance.


sij EW! I wish I saved the one I got. U'd be going like: Weeee3 mo eww o bas!

The Simper said...

what i wanted to say was relayed above..

yet, i need to say that displaying the presentation of the utility of the invitation card has eroded to the point of the erotion of the wedding itself! so the card has been part of the representation of the whole show called "wedding"!

as for the simple card of the Americans.. it goes well with a small number of family and friends all having good time and moving here n there and enjoying their times with the "2" main important persons of the event.. and not like the SHOWS that we have here where for the men he stands and shakes hands only!! then, he does the "i am here and look at me only for the purpose of pics!" at the women's.. u know more what happens there.

but.. we are still lovely n cool people :P

Miznah said...


Bonjour :)
I agree that our weddings suck, they're boring and full of competition and envy.
But a simple invitation can be as effective as an extravagant one. I understand it's a once in a lifetime thing, so be as wild as you want with the decoration in the party itself (which I prefer not) but keep the invitation simple and elegant ya akhi! It's going to end up in the dust bin for sure..

unfaithful70 said...

i believe that each one of us has his own taste,im not saying that im in love with such invitations,but its a personal thing.
some people think that Jean-Paul Gultier is vulgar and others think the opposite..

Miznah said...


Of course it's a matter of personal taste no doubt. I just want to put the spotlight on an unnecessary phenomena..

AND uplift the general taste too lol


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!