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à plus tard!

So Rich, So Pretty

Crisis? What Crisis?

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Fabulous Winter..

Look of the week: Stately, Understated.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kaifi Kuwaiti.. كيفي كويتي

Do you understand the importance of education?
Do you really?
I doubt our government does..

Education is the building block of every generation, and it is an absolute requirement for democracy.
Knowledge gain would eventually lead to the development of cultivated and civilized nations.
Education enables us to understand the world around us by developing a healthy perspective of looking at life.
Education is contributory in the development of values and virtues.
Education is the basis of economic prosperity.
Education is the fundamental essence of mature leaders who will ultimately lead us into a better well planned future.
Education promotes the principles of equality and respect for others' freedoms.
Education makes it possible for people to be responsible and reasonable citizens.
Education IS the back-bone of civilized societies.
Education is a life long process that doesn't stop at the end of year exam.

Education.. Education.. Education.. I can go on and on and on non stop..
The RIGHT sort of Education can do wonders..
What about the wrong kind? It can basically destroy us.
And that's why we're going downhill..
rolling to an unknown destiny..
but down nonetheless.
It's because we're not educated enough.. or wrongly educated to be exact.
Our Ministry of education is a joke well recited by extremists and the joke is on us and our future generations.
We all fathom the concept that our students are under-educated in Kuwait.
Our ancient ways of teaching techniques is wearing them down.
It's not interesting anymore. please Update!
make them fall in love with what they're learning!
guide them!
"they" teach them what they want and neglect the rest.
They alter and dismiss important facts based on their personal beliefs.
Iraqi invasion is basically summarized and/or didn't happen. Period.
Israel? What Israel? (whether we like it or not they're here)
"pigtails" and "pigging out" are suddenly a threat to our religion.
who are we kidding?

A very tiny percentage of the Kuwaiti population is interested in reading (not newspapers, I'm talking about real books) and that's truly sad.
They think it's a waste of time, and books are for geeks and it ain't cool to be seen with a book.
No wonder other nationalities regard us as a shallow and vain nation.

Maybe because no one is paying attention.
or maybe, in Kuwait, there aren't enough interesting books to read in the first place?
I'm sure there are.. to some degree.
But Censorship isn't helping a bit.
This was a very long introduction to my main topic:


Censorship and education coexist.
I think, if we have educated powerful decision makers in the right positions, we wouldn't have censorship to begin with.
It kills me that my choice isn't my choice. It's solely in the hands of uneducated individuals who decide for me, think for me, and almost breath for me.
Those individuals are invading my privacy and shattering my basic right of personal freedom by telling me what to read, watch and listen to. They're raping my right of having a choice or an opinion.
I feel choked.
I asked for George Michael's CD at Virgin and they said it's banned because of a song called "Jesus to a child" (which is why I asked for that album in the first place)
I was searching for a certain Dr's website and was unsurprisingly blocked due to its explicit medical terms.
I ordered an art history book from Amazon which was confiscated at the ministry of information because it contained nude paintings and sculptures.
An abstract nude painting was shipped to me, and again was confiscated due to it's obvious nude nature.

We're living in an age of false freedom.
And it burns my heart every time I think about it.. *sigh*

Click here to fully understand what I mean..

"Kaify Kuwaiti"? Ha Ha
nope.. mo Kaifik..

مكالمة سلطان بن فهد

someone dear to me asked me not to write my honest opinion..
fine! I won't :P

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Friday, January 16, 2009

controversial BOTOX..

everyone of us, at some point in our lives, starts thinking of aging

and of ways of maintaining our youthful face and body

of course, on top of the list is a healthy lifestyle

healthy food





avoiding the sun

they all contribute equally the concept of a healthy lifestyle


would never stop wrinkles from creeping in unnoticed
I realize, and accept that
we won't be 17 forever
and it's impossible to reverse the process of aging
(for now lol)
nor would I want to

but maybe..
slow the process a bit?

Would you inject poison into your body in the name of youth?



drink it, inject it, dance with it,, illy uho

if it prevents a wrinkle or two from appearing early..


mo "ilweqayah khayron min il3ilaj" ? lol

Call me vain
but I strongly believe it gives you that extra "OOMPH"
if it's done subtly

Age gracefully

wrinkles = grace?
since when?
says who?


Grace comes from within
something you cannot obtain or fake with a wrinkle
nor with a prick of a needle

so why not?

ok besides your forehead freezing and your eyebrows dropping and it can leak to all the wrong places..


you went to an unqualified unprofessional unexperienced so called doctor


in these cases never ever go for the cheapest choice.
They'll use botox-like substances and mess you up for good
and freeze your facial features to the point when you're crying people think you're laughing
or angry for some unknown reasons


we all have purchased and taken over the counter medication that we trusted in so much
and at the end were pulled off the market due to their extremely dangerous side effects!!




also treats migraines, some muscular spasms, excessive sweating and depression!
so it's not a bad thing really
used in small doses, it's a very good thing

at the end mithla mithel rhinoplasty, liposuction, face lifts etc.
but not as invasive

I've read so much about it
different opinions
some pro
some con
but I say
to all you con ppl
once you try it
you'll go pro alllll the way ;)


Think >>> subtle
(real life airbrushing.. yay!)

warning: it's extremely addictive :)

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Can you pull it off?

Look of the week: working girl
(I want those glasses)

*Image source: garance dore

Caramel .... سكر بنات

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Curious George...

This 140 years old, 20 pounds lobster
called George
was just recently released
from a restaurant in Maine, USA.
(with pressure from PETA of course!)
and was granted the gift of life
so he can live his final days in freedom and peace

I'm sure his beloved family and friends are going to be delighted and throw him a huge welcome party, with celebrity guests including


awalan it's a LOBSTER
meant to be eaten somehow
Lobsters are crustaceans that don't like the cold.
and it was released in Maine.. in JANUARY!
(bad PETA bad! *SMACK*)
In winter, it stays put in its hole.
As soon as the water starts to warm up, it reappears.
(ma it was warm in the tank in the first place!)
I like mine grilled to perfection
cooked with butter on easy fire
soft and tender
on a bed of fluffed linguini
a squirt of lemon juice

bon appetit!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleep Please?

During my teenage years..
they used to wake me up thinking I was dead
min kither ma anam!

I used to sleep all the time

10 hours.. shino 10!
say 12, 13, sometimes 15!
depends itha "mwa9la" willa la'
samta wa7da

6a3sh sina passes by..

here I am

I get 3 hours here, 4 there
6 continuous hours if I'm lucky

yigoloon aging
nonsense.. (denial)

the more responsibilities you have, the less you sleep
and the less you sleep, the more headaches you have
and the more headaches you have, the less productive you are
and the less productive you are, the more you're frustrated
and the more you're frustrated, the less logical you become
and the less logical you become.... 3ad 3alaikom il 7isba..

So yeah, "less is more" doesn't apply here..

ah.. if only I could sleep that much now!

and the funny thing is

I set the alarm.. for 8am mathalan
7:50am ana shayla il mobile ashoof ilsa3a..
7ata before the alarm goes off..
do they call it biological clock?
I call it GARADA :/

"the difference between people that wake up and function most effectively in the early morning hours as opposed to those who prefer to sleep late into the morning may well lie in polymorphism within clock genes." -McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

I belong to the latter of course
polymorphism is my answer
(itha mo fahmeenha look it up, like I did :P)

Oh well..

Friday, January 9, 2009


do you feel as small as I do?
as lucky?
as thankful?
all your stupid tiny problems are suddenly irrelevant and worthless?
الحمدلله الذي عافاني مما ابتلاه به وفضلني على كثير من خلقه تفضيلا

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

شقول..شحجي.. لأميمتي؟

"الغاء حفلات هلا فبراير "تضامناً مع غزه
بداية الغيث
ليتنا ما طلعنا من باب السور

..اليوم عشان غزه.. باجر عشان

و تلومونا ليش نسافر؟


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Real people wear Real Fur

!لا والله
What if I don't have my own human fur?
ok let's assume I had fur (lol)
I'm a disgusting furry clump
hair all over my body
would it really work as insulation during these freezing days?
bidal il thermal mathalan?
ya3ni fal nafreth ana 3aysha fe Moscow
ma albes Fur?


wearing something natural is more flattering as opposed to disastrous synthetic articles of clothing


fur is natural, durable, sustainable, sumptuous, warm and feels so soft (taboni amshi wat7akak?)


faux fur is not biodegradable
it's an ecological disaster with a huge carbon footprint
so basically it harms the environment (HA HA!)
we as a human race have alienated ourselves from nature it's ridiculous!
our world has become so fake and artificial
plastic and factitious objects have replaced the genuine and natural ones
as for myself, I'm that sort of a person who likes to be in touch with nature
therefore I wear real fur :)

o yitha7kni lama yigoloon
"would you wear dead animals"


ma your shoes are dead animals

your cotton shirts are dead plants
you eat dead animals
o your ancestors wouldn't have survived the ice-age if it wasn't for fur
and you wouldn't even be here arguing with me
FUR saved the human race!!!! :)

anyone who says otherwise would be a hypocrite
(or someone who desperately wants real fur but can't afford it)

o ba3dain fur farms take really good care of their animals
at the end they're going to die anyway
let them die with dignity ya akhi! lol
"Most claims that the animals are treated and killed cruelly by the fur industry have been proven to be fabrications. If you buy your fur coat from a reputable furrier, you will have the peace of mind to know that the animals have been treated humanely"

I'm against animal cruelty
but not all fur is obtained this way!!
that's a total misconception


it's a personal choice
It is absolutely within your rights to decide
but don't be judgmental
by trying to impose your ideals on us
if you don't like fur, don't wear it!


and as long as it's legal
ahooooooo 3a6ooni ilfourrure khantidaffa..

case closed :)

الجرح أرحم

انتي وانا .. مثل الهدب والعين مانفترق

البعد نار وخوفي من البعد روحي تحترق

Monday, January 5, 2009

Queen of Queer

This is a sincere dedication to my dear friend..
she's obsessed with Gay Harold..
I mean GALE Harold :)
enjoy :*

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Light 'n Airy

Look of the week: contemporary Frou Frou

don't you dare ruin it with a bodysuit

صالون الهلاقه

لا تسألوني شلون, السالفه طويله
رحت صالون مستوى زباله
كنت مستعجله
اول ما دخلت قلت بقلبي
oh God
ليتني مخلصه شغلي بالبيت.. بس دامني وصلت خنشوف
و جتني الفلبينيه اللي حاطه حنه على راسها
تتكلم كويتي
ماما انتا شنو يبي


وعوه عليج.. قلتها بقلبي
انا المفروض من سمعت ماما.. شلت شلايلي و رحت البيت
المهم قلتلها شنو ابي
عقب 5 دقايق تقريبا سمعت احلى صوت انثوي .. كله نعومه و فيه بحه حلوه
"السلام عليكم.. هلاااااا فلانه شلونج؟ ولهانيييييين"
من كثر ما شدني الصوت
ولا اشوف هالسواد

فيه ستراس
و عباة على الراس.. تسحب مترين وراها
مو مبين منها الا عيونها
و عيونها شيييييييييي ما صار
خذوا زبونتهم مادري ين المهم انها اختفت
ماكو الا انا وياها بالمحل
بس اسمع صوتها و تكركرها
قاعده تسولف عن الروندييفووو مالها
وانه الحين عندها رونديفوووو
وخايفه.. اول مره تشوفه
ف جايه اتزهب له
من كثر ما صوتها حلو قلت اكيد مو بعيده عن

انا خلصت
قمت ادفع و قلبي يفرفر الا بشوفها
والا اهيا

!!!!! انا شهقت
اشوى ان السشوار يشتغل ما سمعوني
ولا ست الحسن والجمال قاعده
يسشورون شعرها
platinum blonde
و واقف كأنه مكهربينها
و عيني ما تشوف الا النور
!!!!و ماتشوفوش وحش

و اول مره اقول

!!الحمد لله على النقاب.. الحمد لله

و شعر و كللللللللللللو
هذي اقرب صوره لقيتها توضح مأساه هالانسانه

ف شكله الحبيب سمع الصوت و ذاب
ما درى المسكين
راح يلتها كف انا متأكده

Friday, January 2, 2009

One year in 40 seconds..


I merely miss having all 4 seasons..