Friday, January 16, 2009

controversial BOTOX..

everyone of us, at some point in our lives, starts thinking of aging

and of ways of maintaining our youthful face and body

of course, on top of the list is a healthy lifestyle

healthy food





avoiding the sun

they all contribute equally the concept of a healthy lifestyle


would never stop wrinkles from creeping in unnoticed
I realize, and accept that
we won't be 17 forever
and it's impossible to reverse the process of aging
(for now lol)
nor would I want to

but maybe..
slow the process a bit?

Would you inject poison into your body in the name of youth?



drink it, inject it, dance with it,, illy uho

if it prevents a wrinkle or two from appearing early..


mo "ilweqayah khayron min il3ilaj" ? lol

Call me vain
but I strongly believe it gives you that extra "OOMPH"
if it's done subtly

Age gracefully

wrinkles = grace?
since when?
says who?


Grace comes from within
something you cannot obtain or fake with a wrinkle
nor with a prick of a needle

so why not?

ok besides your forehead freezing and your eyebrows dropping and it can leak to all the wrong places..


you went to an unqualified unprofessional unexperienced so called doctor


in these cases never ever go for the cheapest choice.
They'll use botox-like substances and mess you up for good
and freeze your facial features to the point when you're crying people think you're laughing
or angry for some unknown reasons


we all have purchased and taken over the counter medication that we trusted in so much
and at the end were pulled off the market due to their extremely dangerous side effects!!




also treats migraines, some muscular spasms, excessive sweating and depression!
so it's not a bad thing really
used in small doses, it's a very good thing

at the end mithla mithel rhinoplasty, liposuction, face lifts etc.
but not as invasive

I've read so much about it
different opinions
some pro
some con
but I say
to all you con ppl
once you try it
you'll go pro alllll the way ;)


Think >>> subtle
(real life airbrushing.. yay!)

warning: it's extremely addictive :)


FourMe said...

I'm 27 and had it twice in 2 years but honestly in my case it wasn't for the ageing seeing I can easily pass for a 17 year old! Yes I'm lucky you can hate me :p

No seriously I've had it done twice because I suffer from sever migraines and botox was and still is my only solution :/

oh and I would easily do it for a 3rd time.. I'm almost migraine free for 8 months upward and that is a blessing when you suffer from migraines for 14 years non stop!

Fashionista said...

Botox scares me more than wrinkles do :/

Miznah said...


Oh God! Migraines are the worse!
allah yi3eenech wallah.. I'm glad it worked out for the best!
I heard they inject you on the neck and sides of your forehead?

Miznah said...


I've read worse than that..
we all know what it is.. it's how much they inject in you that makes all the difference..
the right Dr knows when to stop and not OD..
all medication if taken more than the recommended dose could be deadly.
ru afraid of needles?

Fashionista said...


needles don't scare me, but the idea of the possibility of losing my facial expressions freaks me out

who's your dr.? ;P

Miznah said...


you don't loose your facial expressions nor would it alter your features in any way I assure you :)

in Kuwait or abroad? lol

Fashionista said...

in kuwait? :)

Miznah said...


BilKuwait I can recommend some but NOT based on my personal experience cuz I haven't been to any.
Dr. Nisho (International Clinic) o Dr. sahar Ghannam (private clinic). I've been told that the clinic in Royal Hayat are good as well.

Good luck! ;)

Anonymous said...

i did it in kwt and in leb and im addicted as much as every 5 months ..and i dont need it but i just love it..i knw! im crazy hahahahhaahahaha

FourMe said...

no no I just got it on the sides of my forehead and across the forehead.. the ones in the neck are for double chins..

and I highly recommend Dr. Nader Sa'eb in lebanon he does wonders!!

and Dr. Abdulmhsin Ja'afar in Kuwait.. Nisho is crap with injections..