Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farewell Leno!

Jay Leno passes the "Tonight Show" torch to Conan O'brien..

O'Brien then to Jimmy Fallon

(who has the best band on live tv ever ever!)

S.. Penelope meant blow dry, you meant nose job LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009

Norma Jeane - Marilyn Monroe

unbelievably sexy..

gorgeous timeless

what a woman!

read all about her here..

when I first saw her face on Dolce & Gabbana's skirt in the fall 09 collection

I had the urge to google her,

and now I have favourite Marilyn stuff..

and I'll share..



James Rosenquist: Marilyn Monroe I (Oil on canvas, 1962)

Song about her:

Elton John - Candle in the Wind


"I've never dropped anyone I believed in."

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."

"I always felt I was nobody and the only way for me to be somebody was to be... well, somebody else."

"If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything."

"It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on."

"A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night."

"What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course."



so how about I go for platinum blonde this summer.. (ishta6ait much?)

don't stare!

it's just a thought...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Belly Dancing made Complicated..

ishda3wa! Hawwannaaaaaaaaa.. maanabi..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stella - beyond extinction

What: Stella McCartney store
Where: the meatpacking district - NYC

It’s bizarre to say the least, but in a comical, fun kind of way.
I would definitely smile walking past that window.

OKay OKaaaaay I'm late!

Nobody likes to be late.. No one..
and what's worse than being absolutely embarrassed for being late is when everyone starts telling you how late you are..
hello! I know!

just don't make a big deal out of it..
I made it.. that's what counts..
not the end of the world..


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog Eating Shoe..

Great editorial in French Marie Claire..
brillante idée!!

if it was my shoe though, it'll go like..

"itnattif" dog

مغامرات ابي الحروف

أقوى من الشده

أطول من المده

أحد من السين

أهدأ من السكون

أسرع من لمح العين

إنه الرجل الطائر

إنه الرجل العجيب


!!أبو الحروف

برنامج المناهل يعتبر من احسن البرامج التعليمية للغة العربية الى يومنا هذا

شفيني قلبت فصحى lol

used to hate خربوط but now he's quite funny!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toast the art outta me..

The Bread Art Project was created by the Grain Foods Foundation to help increase awareness of the growing hunger problem in the United States.

I LOVED the idea of toasting art onto bread!!!

I had sooooo much fun doing it and lost track of time!

try it yourself.. you can upload an image, create art from scratch and do some crazy animation! I did some LOL they suck but I'm amateur so sue me..
have a look at my gorgeous cartoons here and here :P

(note: you must click on the middle, bottom part of toast to play animation)

Monday, May 18, 2009

one of my favs.. Roland Mouret.. Fall 09

Look of the week: low-frequency erotic charge

Pregnant at 66!

Elizabeth Adeney will soon become the oldest woman ever to give birth in the UK; she is 66 years old. Read the story..

I say... Why not!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Women making MAJOR history! BRAVO!!!! :*

it's 3:11 am..
at this moment, as I'm waiting for my wet toes to dry,
I'm feeling very proud..

Friday, May 15, 2009

تلبس حتخش الجنه.. تخلع حتخش النار

LOL !!!!!شويري

Oscar is a copycat?

Oscar de la Renta (Fall 09) - Lanvin (Spring 09)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashionably late?

I know I know.. I'm probably the last person in Kuwait to try "Slider Station"
so this isn't a review per se, it's just my personal opinion lol (3an il fashla)
went for lunch, early-ish
(in Kuwait, any lunch before 3pm is considered early!)

I think it's nicer for lunch but I can't judge since I haven't tried it for dinner.. yet!

I liked how it's small and cosy.. the bar area is superb and comfy..
atmosphere was not something wow for "bilad barra" but for us, it is something!
my friend, who is semi-regular, ordered for us.
But of course we couldn't try everything fa lazim another try, but I'll give it 2 weeks or so for digesting purposes!

everything was quite so yummy..

Food I most liked:
Hamour burger (with the red bun)
Obama burger
fried shrimp appetizer (supposedly new fa YOOHOO! lol)

but the fries were a bit disappointing,, too frail and not as juicy as I would like them to be..

hmmm.. o bass I guess.. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Babies switched at birth meet 56 years later!

"On a spring day in 1953, two girls were born at Pioneer Memorial Hospital in eastern Oregon. They grew up happily, got married, had kids and became grandparents. Then last summer their lives were turned upside down."

Thank God I look so much like my father lol

I don't know how I would feel..

Maybe I'd feel it's information I did't need to know..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

آلو؟ ممكن أهدي؟

I've been listening to the radio quite a lot lately.
I got bored with my ipod, CD, etc.
Same repetitive songs.
So listening to the Radio gives you a nice variety and keeps you updated with what's new.
As I was switching from Radio Sawa (because of the news feed) to Kuwait FM 103.7.. I said: "7athi hal ghniyyah"
and of course it wasn't a song..
usually the tweeting sound (when it's prayer time) is my luck.. but this time it was a man talking and joking about something I just missed.
So I waited.. ba3arf shissalfa.. before I shuffle between radio stations.. when all of a sudden
"ناخذ اتصال... آلــو"
"الو..الو ال ال ال ال الـــــ (صدى) ـــو"
"آلو اختي.. ممكن"
"آلـــو آل آل آل آلـــ(صدى)ــلو"
"ممكن تقصرين على الراديو شوي"
"ااااوووه سوري سوري.. قصرته"
"الو تفضلي اختي"
"آلـــــــو سلام عليكم.. اخوي ممكن اشارك؟"
"وعليكم السلام اختي.. اكيد ممكن تشاركين"
"اخوي يعطيك العافيه بس حبيت اهدي"
"تفضلي اختي.. اسمج و اهدائج حق منو؟"
"احب اهديك اولا"
"مشكوره من ذوقج"
"واحب اهدي خالتي أمونه و اقول لها الف الحمد لله على سلامتها
"ها عسى ما شر شفيها خاتج؟"
"هيه هيه لا ما شر.. توها والده"
"آآآه!! مبرووووك الف مبروك! ولد ولا بنت؟"
"بنووووووووته تهبببببل تهبل اسم الله عليها هيه هيه"
"الله يخليها لكم انشالله"
"الله يسلمك"
"اممممم.. و منو بعد حابه تهدين؟"
"احب اهدي ناظرة مدرستي و اقول لها احبج اموت فيج وايد وايد وايد!! و راح نفقدج وايد وايد!! انتي مثل امنا الحنون.. الله يخليج لنا"
"آمين يا رب.. آمين"
"وأحب أهدي صديقاتي اللي أعزهم (برضو) وايد وايد وايد.. خوله و دلوله و سبيجه و عبوره و اقول لهم انكم اقرب الناس لي.. و الله لا يفرقنا"
"آمين آمين.. اختي أي اغنيه حابه تهدين؟"
"بس دقيقه دقيقه آخر اهداء.. و اهوا حق اغلى شي في قلبي.. و اهي الكويت و اهلها"
"اللــــــــه اللــــــــــــــــــــــــه عليج يا... أوه! انتي ما قلتيلنا اسمج؟"
"اسمي الهنوف الــــــــ"
"والنعم و ثلاثة انعام يالهنوف"
"هيه هيه.. الله ينعم بحالك ما عليك زود"
"انزين يالهنوف قوليلي.. شنو الاغنيه اللي تبينها؟"
"ابي اي اغنيه على ذوقك"
"تسلمين (تشقق).. يعني ما عندج مغني معين تفضلينه يالهنوف؟"
"والله اذا عندكم طلال سلامه او علي بن محمد اكون شاكرتلكم"
"ايه اكيد عندنا.. خلاص ان شاء الله مو الاغنيه اليايه.. اللي بعدها.. المخرج راح يحطلنا اغنيه انشالله تعجبج"
"و اهدي للمخرج (بالمره) بعد"
"تسلمين من ذوقج (كان بيقول حبيبتي) اختي الهنوف"
"الله يسلمك مشكور"
"انتي اللي مشكوره.. نورتينا و حياج الله"
"هيه هيه الله يحييك"
They took 5 more callers.. same process..
then one stupid song..
5 more callers again..
"نسمع معاكم اغنيه لعلي بن محمد"
"الـــصد والهــــجـــران مـــــــاهو بطبعـــــــــــي.. مير فيك اتعادينـــــــــــــا.. وابتلينـــــــــــــــا وبتلينــــــــــا وابتليـــــــــنـــــــــا"
طبعا ينتع
I was thinking.. ok
awalan, laish fe barnamej ihda'at 3ala il Radio a9lan?!
obviously she didn't want to listen to a specific song to begin with
and even if she did she would have to wait until all the callers finished, this takes approx. 10-15 minutes until her "favourite" song appears!
Thaniyan why do you have to call a Radio station to dedicate anything?
why don't you play the song you want to dedicate and call whomever you want to call without doing it via Radio stations, where everyone is listening to something that doesn't mean peanuts to them!
Thalithan, She'd have to call each and everyone she mentioned anyway just to tell them that she's calling the Radio station to dedicate a song to them.. ma why don't you tell them the dedication during that call or 7atta via sms, bbm.. anything!
Rabi3an, sij fe nas fatheen li hal daraja inna they become regulars! call and say what!
Khamisan, wi7na shallah 7adna nisma3 wa7id yigool shi3er 3an khawiyyah "خويه" willa wa7da tahdee ilnathrah! yakhi call them, or when you see them tell them whatever!!!
Khamisan.. hmmm.. madri shagool
inrid 3ala il iPod afthal
o 3ala 6ari il ihdaa'.. a7ib ahdee 9adeeqati ighneyyat Rashid il Majid, Ya dinya ya Qarraba..

..ولا تنسون السعودي اللي هناك LOL

Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Costume Institute Gala



The Good


and the... WTF!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Water for Clear Skin?

"Our revolutionary new nutritional beverage can actively help reduce acne, delivering clearer, smoother skin in as little as 8 weeks. Delicately flavoured with natural raspberry & rose flavours, help: clear skin beauty water is one of the most convenient ways to treat acne; simply drink two bottles per day and begin to see the benefits to your skin within 4 weeks."

yalli ib "Landan"
try it and let me know..

F is for FAIL