Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog Eating Shoe..

Great editorial in French Marie Claire..
brillante idée!!

if it was my shoe though, it'll go like..

"itnattif" dog


Bloggerista said...

u read french marie claire?

i'm thinking of subscribing to the kuwaiti one, have u seen it?

Miznah said...


French, Italian, German, anything! lol mo MC, Vogue mostly..

ee I've seen the Arabic version, to9alni and I'm not even subscribed! it's not bad at all

Abdullah said...

This is the cutest thing i'v seen in months !

Miznah said...


isn't it!

kcal said...

Allah cute! bs if my dog nataf my shoe i will do as u suggest o anatfa

Miznah said...


ee kilish wala il shoes!
kha6 a7mar lol