Monday, May 18, 2009

Pregnant at 66!

Elizabeth Adeney will soon become the oldest woman ever to give birth in the UK; she is 66 years old. Read the story..

I say... Why not!!!


Bloggerista said...

even though i respect her desire to be a mom, but shino thanb el yahel to have an 80 year old mom at the age of 14, assuming she made it till the age of 80

Miznah said...


the way I see it inna yama yahhal yabaw yahhal.. and women who are trash and not worth being mothers, became mothers.. fa at least she's old and wise enough to know what she wants and plans for her child's future.. she's a wealthy divorcee so by default akeeeeeed the baby's secured for life..
why deprive her of being a mother based on assumptions?
if she can get pregnant at 66.. maybe her biological age is 33? and would live to see a healthy 100, u never know.. :)