Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are your plans for New Years Eve?


everyone calls and asks "haa mitzahba 7ag illaila?"

"ahh.. shino feeh?"

scanning itha kan 3indi obligation, "isteqbaal" (hate that word) naseeta aw shay..


oooh and the things they say when I say nothing..

"Really?????" "wala 7atta gathering!?!?" ghareeba lol

"laish mo imsafra?"

well.. I say ma a7ib aza7im ilnas ib a3yadhom..

mithel illy yi7ej kel sina.. laish?!

(adri mako muqarana :P)

o 7ashra ma3a ilnas, 3indi, mo 3eed

so I wait lama yiredoon.. ana aroo7 3ala rawaa'..

"Oh.. " <-- LOL

New Year's eve.. Why is it so important to many?

I don't see it as the beginning nor the end of anything..

it won't solve your problems,

it will not make you prettier or sexier..

it won't change your misery and it won't make you happier (well if there's a party you might.. for the time)

but ra7at ilsakra o jat il fekra..

khala9 it's just another day..

with it's sunrise and sunset..

it's just the outstretched continuation of time ....

a push there and a shove there towards the plastic, obscure future..

events>> memories>> history

c'est la vie!

So ya nas la titwaggaf 7ayatkom 3ala speculations, anticipations and expectation..

life goes on.. and so should we..


fine... Happy New Year :)

p.s. I like odd numbers so 2009 should be fantastic! :P

I've posted it before but it's been removed by youtube..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...انتي انفاسك دخون

مع البرد.. مع اني ما أحبه لاني مبراد
بس كل شي فيه يحلى
وأشياء وايده
كنا نسولف عن انواع البخور و العود
من وين تجيبين بخورك؟
انا: من جدتي
والعود والطيب؟
..هم من جدتي
سألني: تبيع؟
(غشيت من الضحك)
!لأ طبعا
انزين.. من وين انحصل على هالعود وهالبخور؟
همم..مادري من وين اتحصله بس اجيبلك مو مشكله
تبي حق البيت ولا حقك؟
وايد فرق.. اذا حق البيت بخور عادي
واذا حقك مو عادي
ابجكم اللي مو عادي؟
your budget يعتمد على
شالفرق بين العادي واللي مو عادي؟
الفرق الله يسلمك بالنوعيه و الثقل و اللون والريحه
!كل شي
مال البيت وايد ارخص
من وين اجيبون احسن انواع البخور؟
احسن احسن؟
بس وايد نادر و هالايام هابين يغشون الناس
يجيبون كمبودي ولا بورمي يقولك هندي
شلون اعرف؟
من الريحه و الثقه باللي يبيعلك اكثر
..بس دير بالك.. يحطلك كسره تشمها وتقول يا سلام تقوم و تشتريه
ترى مرات يصبغونه لون بني غامق عشان يبين من النوع الطيب
ولا عشان يثقلونه, يرشونه ماي
او يحشونه اب قطع صغيره من الرصاص او الحديد
ولا تلقاه مخلوط اب مواد
ok.. فيه hints
عشان تعرف اذا مغشوش او لأ
اللي اهما؟
اولا لما تشب الكسره
اذا كان من النوع الزين
الدهن اللي عليها يبقبق و فقاعاته وايده
و ثاني شي.. لون الدخان يكون فيه زروقه شوي
!ولما تتبخر فيه عيونك ما تدمع
(عطست.. 3 مرات)
يرحمج الله! شهاده
يهدينا و يهديك الله
ليش الهندي اغلى و اندر؟
شوف.. البخور اصلا شجر قديم قديم مره بالحيل
تجيله حشرات تاكل فيه
تقوم الشجره و تفرز ماده قويه عشان تذبحهم
ياخذله فتره process طبعا هال
(احاول اركز عشان ما اخوره)
و يتشرب الخشب من هذه الماده الدهنيه
هني يتكون البخور اللي نعرفه
كل ما طال عمر الشجره و تشربت اكثر
كل ما زاد سعرها
وكل ما كانت الشجره اعلى بالجبل و في مناخ معين
كل ما صارت احلى و اثقل
و بالهند بالذات
الجو والبيئه وايد يساعدون
آه اوكي.. يعني لو ما يو الحشرات و انبشوا جان ما عندنا بخور؟
well.. if you put it this way
(نهده ثانيه)
اوكي.. ركز معاي
لما يكسرون خشب العود اللي اهو البخور
وينظفونه من الاجزاء اللي مو حايشها الماده المفرزه
يتم تجميع هذا الخشب
بعدين يدقونه, يطحنونه, اللي هو
powdery لما يصير
يحطونه بالماي لمدة شهر تقريبا لما يتخمر
(ضحكت و طالعته بنظره)
يقوم الدهن اللي بالخشب يطفح
يسون له عملية تقطير على النار
details ما اعرف ال
آخرتها يصفون الدهن من الماي
ويطلعلك دهن العود
oh wow
عاد اذا استعملوا الخشب اللي متشرب حيل بالماده لصناعة دهن العود
سعره بيكون خيالي
و هذا احسن نوع
اما الانواع اللي بالسوق اغلبها من الخشب اللي مو متشرب وايد
والله السالفه طواله يبيلها و مقاقه
not really
اذا تعرف اللي تبيه
السالفه سهله جدااااا
انزين.. انا بروح ادورلي على بخور و عود
وبتفلسف شوي
can I borrow your nose for the day?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Late dinner at Grand Joseph..

Look of the Week: Sophisticated top, humble bottom

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...Insomnia... (و ما تسوي)

لو قلتلك.. اني احبك اكثر من هموم البشر و كثر الجفا
و كثر السهر

واعدوني القمر.. و اثر القمر خلي

...سرى ليلي

..سهرت منه الليالي

حابسني برات النوم.. و تاركني سهرانه

..الناس نامت وانا عيني سهيره

..و عينيا مجافيها النوم.. يا مسهرني

..ما انام الليل من خوفي عليك

Monday, December 22, 2008

Philosophy of a Physicist

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."

- Albert Einstein

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a new Dawn.. it's a new Day..

VOLUME HIGH.. Enjoy your flight ;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

hole in the wall..

1. a small, natural hollow area or crease, permanent or transient, in some soft part of the human body, esp. one formed in the cheek in smiling.*

Caused by the shortening of the cheek muscle.

Doesn't sound so cute?

yet, everyone wants to have them
plastic surgeons offer them if you're not born with them:

they're called " DIMPLES"

why are they so darn adorable?

I have no clue why those indents are so attractive.
They complement every smile, like an accessory.

They just simply work for me, and take my breath away!


ba ba ba ba.. ba ba ba ba .. baby

Thursday, December 18, 2008

80's Silhouette

Look of the week: Oversized boyfriend jacket
(thrown over a feminine mini dress)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ام سعود

تتكلم احسن من معظم الكويتيين حاليا

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quickly, name 5 Queens that first come to mind






and what about Rania? ... hmmm...


I like her for promoting very important causes and I admire her commitment and dedication in doing so, just as I admire Angelina Jolie and Bono for their hard work..
The Jordanian Royal Court probably thought it's OK to do whatever it takes to raise awareness and expose Jordan to the rest of the world, through her.
They're also trying to change the image of a typical arabic muslim woman so that the world would conceive her as being intelligent, bright, well-spoken, uncovered, modern and fashionable.
Also through her.
Which is not bad after all.

We get it.


She can still do so in a Queenly manner.
There are certain royal etiquettes and protocols that tag along with the label "Queen".

Sadly, in HM Queen Rania, I only see a pretty celebrity..

Pet Peeve 1

Black rappers constantly licking their lips

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

How to talk to girls?

A complicated question, answered by one of the world's least complicated minds..
Alec Greven, 9-years old, had to chose a topic for his school assignment, and he chose girls.
His assignment was an instant best seller in the school's book fair, and captured the attention of many adults as well..
Alec now shares all his dating tips and advice in a newly published bestseller!

"Comb your hair and don't wear sweats"
"Control your hyperness (cut down on the sugar if you have to)"
"Don't act desperate"

I highly recommend some of those tips to boys of all ages,
for most never get past 8-years of age.

My thoughts:
I don't know how he got Harper Collins to publish this,
probably too cute to reject?
Dating advice from a single 9 year old? (or is he dating?)
“pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil”? (are you F'in kidding me?!)
Opportunistic parents? (he's also on a book tour)
9-year old womanizer? (NOT cute)
why not let children be children? (Dr. Seuss is furious!)

heck.. what do I know
at least I don't need his advice ;) (or Do I?)

How dare you's a SIN!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fancy some Cop-en-Hagen?

Choosing the right hotel is a big deal for me since I do loads of travelling.
I used to love experiencing boutique hotels with different styles and themes when I was "younger", but now ,for me, a hotel represents comfort, optimum service, clean white sheets and towels(cleaniness in general), great concierge, roomy rooms, superb breakfast, promptness, amongst other basic necessities.
The Danish capital is a city that thrives on creativity and innovation, it's a hub for truely talented designers.
Hotel Fox, in Copenhagen, started as a special project by volkswagen. They've commissioned 21 international artists from all over the world to participate in creating a unique experience, in which 61 rooms were anomalously painted/designed for no room is like the other.
Designs range from Art Deco, flamboyant pop art, wild wild west to Japanese Manga!
They refused to be part of the hotel classification system
(No shining stars, thus no service!)
Upon arrival, guests get to choose between a wide range of "do not disturb" signs that appeals the most to them, and have thereby chosen their room. (hmmm)
The mini bar: each guest gets an empty cooler bag and fills it individually with their choice of snacks and drinks
(at this moment.. I'll be gladly walking out of the door)
It would be an experience, I assure you, but would it be a pleasant one?
for kids and pot heads? definately!

The Hotel Foxs' concept slightly reminded me of the acclaimed 5 star Hotel Puerta América in Madrid. That's a total different classification altogether. World-renowned architects have designed 12 luxurious floors to be their first collaboration in a project, which gives it an instant WOW factor.
For me, it works great as a design museum, nothing more.
As for both hotels.. undoubtedly special and wonderful to have in this humorless world..
I just can't..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

re-enact the following..

The only 2 music videos I wish I was in..

Diamond Damon

I don't know why I'm fascinated by Matt Damon
ever since Good will Hunting.. he grabbed my attention
not Ben Affleck
as all the girls were into him cuz of his obvious good looks
but hmm.. this guy has it,
can't quite put my finger on it
maybe he's so translucent
natural smile
easy going
not so obvious good looks kinda thing
I don't know
although he was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive!
which truely shocked me to be honest
and relieved me somehow..
I'm not that weird after all!

I would have posted a video from
Talented Mr. Ripley*
but couldn't find a decent one
*all time fav

Monday, December 8, 2008

...عوده.. يا عوده

يا عين و يا عين صبرج على الفرقا

ليش مو موجوده؟

المهم.. لقيت اللي احلى

خماري.. للي يفهمون بس

and the OSCAR goes to..

Look of the week: Modernly Classic

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A deserted desert..

Since we have a surplus of it..
I can't help but think of spending my winters in the desert
and I don't mean the traditional sort "mukhayam"
I wanna take it up a notch..
I only wish for a simple, elegant, modern desert house..
far away from everything..
secluded in the naked fields..
No Cell phones
Nothing superficial.. but me..
I can be whoever I want
invite whoever I want
uninvite whoever I want..
I'm free!
pretty horses trotting at the break of dawn..
no frawn
just a pinch of bitter cold
enveloping my soul in a wornout cloak
warm cup of tea in hand
birds sway with the delicate wind..
sun rays transcend
through my vulnerable eyes..
a piano concerto in the background..
shunning all disguise..
emptiness all around..

This is how I like it..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008