Tuesday, December 9, 2008

re-enact the following..

The only 2 music videos I wish I was in..


Fashionista said...

Miznah babes your blog rocks

i must say leos rock ;P

Miznah said...
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Miznah said...


I loved urs!
I'm flattered! Thank you :)

LEOS kick .. lol "THE" best! ;)

The Simper said...

is this the leo's DEN!?!

i love the beat on the first one by GM.. yet i hate the similarity of faces and the collective motion of RP's song

happy leo's day :D

Miznah said...


more like a boudoir to me ;)

The one thing you didn't like about "addicted to love" is the major reason for its success. It was highly popular because of these models. This simple yet powerful concept was parodied in many recent music videos (beyonce "green light" for eg.)

But I like originals :)

Happy Leo's lifetime inshalla :D

Anonymous said...

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