Saturday, December 6, 2008

A deserted desert..

Since we have a surplus of it..
I can't help but think of spending my winters in the desert
and I don't mean the traditional sort "mukhayam"
I wanna take it up a notch..
I only wish for a simple, elegant, modern desert house..
far away from everything..
secluded in the naked fields..
No Cell phones
Nothing superficial.. but me..
I can be whoever I want
invite whoever I want
uninvite whoever I want..
I'm free!
pretty horses trotting at the break of dawn..
no frawn
just a pinch of bitter cold
enveloping my soul in a wornout cloak
warm cup of tea in hand
birds sway with the delicate wind..
sun rays transcend
through my vulnerable eyes..
a piano concerto in the background..
shunning all disguise..
emptiness all around..

This is how I like it..


The Simper said...

nice concept.. so many things can be done here in Kuwait but they require strong initiative from the business community with the support of the govt (OR with NO BUMPS from the govt!!)

let people have nice places to go to other than the usual stuff!! no need for us to travel all the time to find attractions for a weekend or a longer vacation!

Miznah said...


sws said...

beee2a metnaqtha but it's your dream so what the hell :-P