Friday, December 12, 2008

How dare you's a SIN!


Spicy Pepper said...

Eee walah, i agree 1000% there can never be another grease

Cloudy Stars said...

mo china sawaw grease 2? eli kan ma9khara??

ohma 7alat-hom ma yesawon sequel

nafs terminator. ana 7adi pissed wil 7eqd emwa9il 7adah. they totally ruined it!!!

"i'll be back"

yeah rightttttt ma7ad ra7 yadri 3anik, 6aya7 qemta 9ara7a

Miznah said...

=Spicy Pepper=

welcome to my world :)

=Cloudy Stars=

my one and only follower :)
Grease 2 sawooh min ziman.. starred Michelle Pfeiffer and it was cool too, but not as good as 1

sometimes sequels yiseeroon a7la min il first.. lat6al3eeni chithi! I said "sometimes" lol
in grease 2 some of the songs were my favourites! "girl for all season" amongst others..