Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quickly, name 5 Queens that first come to mind






and what about Rania? ... hmmm...


I like her for promoting very important causes and I admire her commitment and dedication in doing so, just as I admire Angelina Jolie and Bono for their hard work..
The Jordanian Royal Court probably thought it's OK to do whatever it takes to raise awareness and expose Jordan to the rest of the world, through her.
They're also trying to change the image of a typical arabic muslim woman so that the world would conceive her as being intelligent, bright, well-spoken, uncovered, modern and fashionable.
Also through her.
Which is not bad after all.

We get it.


She can still do so in a Queenly manner.
There are certain royal etiquettes and protocols that tag along with the label "Queen".

Sadly, in HM Queen Rania, I only see a pretty celebrity..


Fashionista said...


i'm utterly shocked, u have no idea how much i love/d Queen Rania, i always thought she is the symbol of class, but after this video, i think i've changed my mind.

i've never heard her speak before

تعرفين المثل اللي يقول كوني جميلة و اصمتي

it applies to her big time

no matter how pretty a woman is, if she has no sense of humour, she's doomed!

thanks for sharing this babes.

Miznah said...


e it's amazing how your whole image changes when you start opening your mouth, it's a turn on turn off kind of thing.


Baroque said...

very un-queenly indeed xx

Miznah said...


second that :)