Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are your plans for New Years Eve?


everyone calls and asks "haa mitzahba 7ag illaila?"

"ahh.. shino feeh?"

scanning itha kan 3indi obligation, "isteqbaal" (hate that word) naseeta aw shay..


oooh and the things they say when I say nothing..

"Really?????" "wala 7atta gathering!?!?" ghareeba lol

"laish mo imsafra?"

well.. I say ma a7ib aza7im ilnas ib a3yadhom..

mithel illy yi7ej kel sina.. laish?!

(adri mako muqarana :P)

o 7ashra ma3a ilnas, 3indi, mo 3eed

so I wait lama yiredoon.. ana aroo7 3ala rawaa'..

"Oh.. " <-- LOL

New Year's eve.. Why is it so important to many?

I don't see it as the beginning nor the end of anything..

it won't solve your problems,

it will not make you prettier or sexier..

it won't change your misery and it won't make you happier (well if there's a party you might.. for the time)

but ra7at ilsakra o jat il fekra..

khala9 it's just another day..

with it's sunrise and sunset..

it's just the outstretched continuation of time ....

a push there and a shove there towards the plastic, obscure future..

events>> memories>> history

c'est la vie!

So ya nas la titwaggaf 7ayatkom 3ala speculations, anticipations and expectation..

life goes on.. and so should we..


fine... Happy New Year :)

p.s. I like odd numbers so 2009 should be fantastic! :P

I've posted it before but it's been removed by youtube..


Fashionista said...

i couldn't agree more

i never celebrated new year's cuz i never understood the fuss they make about it

i guess some pple just look for any excuse to celebrate

i celebrate my happiness everyday

hope this year brings u love and happiness sweetheart :*

i'm so glad u started blogging this year, reading your posts puts a smile to my face

i hope this is a good year for leos ;*

Miznah said...


I feel like I know you! ;)
Exactly! ppl are looking for excuses.. to travel mainly.. o ma aloomhom bas don't make it a ritual ya3ni..

I can see you're a content and tough person which I admire :*

yeah blogging wasn't my thing.. and actually it still isn't.. lol
but I decided to have my own world, NO politics and religion involved..


may all your days be filled with health.. Love.. and wealth..

tara number 8 is so lucky 3ind ikhwanna il chineziyeen so no worries (unless intay ib july.. re7tay feeha :P) lol


Fashionista said...


no luckily i'm an august girl

i'm sure i don't know u cuz sadly i have no leo girlfriends, but i feel like we can be best friends instantly hehehe

ambaih salfat no politics or religion i was just telling that to a friend ams, inna those are the two things i don't wanna discuss!!!

if u wanna do the bokhoor course at beit lothan let me know :P

me sleep now

night night ;*

Miznah said...

but let's see if we can fit it into our busy schedule :P

when is the course?
timing and duration?


Fashionista said...

it's been so long since i checked :)

i'll let u know when i do.

i think i'm on beit lothan's black list cuz i took 2 course be4 and i would attend 2 classes oo b3dain akshet hehehe

i have commitment issues ;P

Miznah said...


as long as you paid for it.. they'll always welcome you back ;)

Fashionista said...

oh i forgot to mention a tiny bit of information... i'd be the only one taking the guitar class and the teacher would wait and i just wouldn't show up ;P

i thought he was there anyway, didnt know he was there just for me!

As for the pottery class, i took it with my sisters and friends, and sib7an allah, ityee ayam we all decide not to show up and kil wa7da thinks that the other one will call to cancel, the receptionist ends up calling us and screaming!

i told u, i know i'm on the black list loooool

my new habba now is wanting to go the bahamas, still searching for consenting victims, damn my girlfriends, sooo not adventurous, it's tough being a lioness :P

Miznah said...

No way!

black list is an understatement lol

when u planning to go to Bahamas?
murray 3ala Miami o Cuba bilmarrrah.. that's more like it!

(ishta6ait i3thereeni.. I'm a travelling freak! lol)

Fashionista said...


me toooooooo

i graduated from University of Miami so Miami is my hometown :)

Cuba, Brazil and Mexico are on the list too, ever been to any of them?

Miznah said...

nope never!!

ah a miami graduate. ish yaybich? lol

I have a brazillian friend who is constantly asking me to come over o ihya it-thabe6na cuz its sort of dangerous especially for women (3ala golat-ha).. meHiko I've never been o I was interested in Cuba purely because of the music.. 3ad yigolech Rio is the place to be for new year's (ra7at 3alaina this year).
around 2 million ppl gather up by the beach wearing white and as a tribute to the goddess of the sea they offer her floating candles and flowers. The scene should be spectacular..

next year? lol

Fashionista said...


i thought we didn't believe in celebrating new year's? ;P

Miznah said...

No hun.. it's totally different

Beirut is celebrating..
Rio is experiencing ;)

Fashionista said...

good point ;P

khala9, next year it is!

Miznah said...

!ان الله احيانا

cool :D

Anonymous said...

happpppy new year...:)

Miznah said...


Happy (belated) new year to you too :)

Anonymous said...

its just the fun of it..seeing fireworks somewer in the world every year u will remember every time u say 2009 mthlan aw 2008 u remmber that day just for a sec...everybody is celebrating at the same excuse for something to do in this life to make it more fun..bala ham..wela enty shraych ;)