Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fancy some Cop-en-Hagen?

Choosing the right hotel is a big deal for me since I do loads of travelling.
I used to love experiencing boutique hotels with different styles and themes when I was "younger", but now ,for me, a hotel represents comfort, optimum service, clean white sheets and towels(cleaniness in general), great concierge, roomy rooms, superb breakfast, promptness, amongst other basic necessities.
The Danish capital is a city that thrives on creativity and innovation, it's a hub for truely talented designers.
Hotel Fox, in Copenhagen, started as a special project by volkswagen. They've commissioned 21 international artists from all over the world to participate in creating a unique experience, in which 61 rooms were anomalously painted/designed for no room is like the other.
Designs range from Art Deco, flamboyant pop art, wild wild west to Japanese Manga!
They refused to be part of the hotel classification system
(No shining stars, thus no service!)
Upon arrival, guests get to choose between a wide range of "do not disturb" signs that appeals the most to them, and have thereby chosen their room. (hmmm)
The mini bar: each guest gets an empty cooler bag and fills it individually with their choice of snacks and drinks
(at this moment.. I'll be gladly walking out of the door)
It would be an experience, I assure you, but would it be a pleasant one?
for kids and pot heads? definately!

The Hotel Foxs' concept slightly reminded me of the acclaimed 5 star Hotel Puerta América in Madrid. That's a total different classification altogether. World-renowned architects have designed 12 luxurious floors to be their first collaboration in a project, which gives it an instant WOW factor.
For me, it works great as a design museum, nothing more.
As for both hotels.. undoubtedly special and wonderful to have in this humorless world..
I just can't..


Fashionista said...

i have to agree

i'm a hotel freak cuz i travel a lot too

comfy beds come first on my list

Ritz chain has the best beds

also the biltmore hotel in miami has amazing beds

Miznah said...



Let's plan a trip to ma'aami! lol