Saturday, December 20, 2008

hole in the wall..

1. a small, natural hollow area or crease, permanent or transient, in some soft part of the human body, esp. one formed in the cheek in smiling.*

Caused by the shortening of the cheek muscle.

Doesn't sound so cute?

yet, everyone wants to have them
plastic surgeons offer them if you're not born with them:

they're called " DIMPLES"

why are they so darn adorable?

I have no clue why those indents are so attractive.
They complement every smile, like an accessory.

They just simply work for me, and take my breath away!



Fashionista said...

i think i'm the only one who doesn't find them cute

and they definitely don't suit everyone

i like them on jennifer garner bas

Miznah said...

la o abashrich.. I also like dimpled chins on men :D

Fashionista said...

lol there's nothing i hate more than dimpled chins :P