Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farewell Leno!

Jay Leno passes the "Tonight Show" torch to Conan O'brien..

O'Brien then to Jimmy Fallon

(who has the best band on live tv ever ever!)

S.. Penelope meant blow dry, you meant nose job LOL


Jester said...

The Roots are the best band on tv, yes, but jimmy, nice fellow and a funny guy when he was on SNL, is not really that good..

Anonymous said...

looooooool when he tried to carry winona judd!!!

+ LOL @ p.cruz!

Miznah said...


I'd give him a couple of months to get the hang of it.. and we'll see!
True, The Roots rock!! ;)


loooooooooool laish mitlaigef!

we miss you :*