Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashionably late?

I know I know.. I'm probably the last person in Kuwait to try "Slider Station"
so this isn't a review per se, it's just my personal opinion lol (3an il fashla)
went for lunch, early-ish
(in Kuwait, any lunch before 3pm is considered early!)

I think it's nicer for lunch but I can't judge since I haven't tried it for dinner.. yet!

I liked how it's small and cosy.. the bar area is superb and comfy..
atmosphere was not something wow for "bilad barra" but for us, it is something!
my friend, who is semi-regular, ordered for us.
But of course we couldn't try everything fa lazim another try, but I'll give it 2 weeks or so for digesting purposes!

everything was quite so yummy..

Food I most liked:
Hamour burger (with the red bun)
Obama burger
fried shrimp appetizer (supposedly new fa YOOHOO! lol)

but the fries were a bit disappointing,, too frail and not as juicy as I would like them to be..

hmmm.. o bass I guess.. :)


Bloggerista said...

i like their wagyu slider

nice review babes, would love to hear your review of "rice restaurant" it's my new habba :P

Anonymous said...

Should I worry that i've never heard of this place before?

Haven't been to Kuwait in over 18 months. So I take it it's a new Habbaa?

Where is it located if you don't mind me asking?

Miznah said...


well thx! lol
walla I tried rice once and only one dish which I liked!
so yabeela ro7a thanya 3ashan ajareb ilashya ilbajyah ;)


la no worries lol il7al min ba3tha..
actually chinna 9arla sintain fati7?
My new habbah for sure!

It's on "the strip" imjabil ga9r ilseef, next to burger hub and pink moon boutique (if that helps!)

Abdullah said...

its never too late for SLider, NEVER !


Miznah said...


LOL it'haga?
was sooooooooooooooooo good!!

I'm a fan ;)