Monday, January 19, 2009

Kaifi Kuwaiti.. كيفي كويتي

Do you understand the importance of education?
Do you really?
I doubt our government does..

Education is the building block of every generation, and it is an absolute requirement for democracy.
Knowledge gain would eventually lead to the development of cultivated and civilized nations.
Education enables us to understand the world around us by developing a healthy perspective of looking at life.
Education is contributory in the development of values and virtues.
Education is the basis of economic prosperity.
Education is the fundamental essence of mature leaders who will ultimately lead us into a better well planned future.
Education promotes the principles of equality and respect for others' freedoms.
Education makes it possible for people to be responsible and reasonable citizens.
Education IS the back-bone of civilized societies.
Education is a life long process that doesn't stop at the end of year exam.

Education.. Education.. Education.. I can go on and on and on non stop..
The RIGHT sort of Education can do wonders..
What about the wrong kind? It can basically destroy us.
And that's why we're going downhill..
rolling to an unknown destiny..
but down nonetheless.
It's because we're not educated enough.. or wrongly educated to be exact.
Our Ministry of education is a joke well recited by extremists and the joke is on us and our future generations.
We all fathom the concept that our students are under-educated in Kuwait.
Our ancient ways of teaching techniques is wearing them down.
It's not interesting anymore. please Update!
make them fall in love with what they're learning!
guide them!
"they" teach them what they want and neglect the rest.
They alter and dismiss important facts based on their personal beliefs.
Iraqi invasion is basically summarized and/or didn't happen. Period.
Israel? What Israel? (whether we like it or not they're here)
"pigtails" and "pigging out" are suddenly a threat to our religion.
who are we kidding?

A very tiny percentage of the Kuwaiti population is interested in reading (not newspapers, I'm talking about real books) and that's truly sad.
They think it's a waste of time, and books are for geeks and it ain't cool to be seen with a book.
No wonder other nationalities regard us as a shallow and vain nation.

Maybe because no one is paying attention.
or maybe, in Kuwait, there aren't enough interesting books to read in the first place?
I'm sure there are.. to some degree.
But Censorship isn't helping a bit.
This was a very long introduction to my main topic:


Censorship and education coexist.
I think, if we have educated powerful decision makers in the right positions, we wouldn't have censorship to begin with.
It kills me that my choice isn't my choice. It's solely in the hands of uneducated individuals who decide for me, think for me, and almost breath for me.
Those individuals are invading my privacy and shattering my basic right of personal freedom by telling me what to read, watch and listen to. They're raping my right of having a choice or an opinion.
I feel choked.
I asked for George Michael's CD at Virgin and they said it's banned because of a song called "Jesus to a child" (which is why I asked for that album in the first place)
I was searching for a certain Dr's website and was unsurprisingly blocked due to its explicit medical terms.
I ordered an art history book from Amazon which was confiscated at the ministry of information because it contained nude paintings and sculptures.
An abstract nude painting was shipped to me, and again was confiscated due to it's obvious nude nature.

We're living in an age of false freedom.
And it burns my heart every time I think about it.. *sigh*

Click here to fully understand what I mean..

"Kaify Kuwaiti"? Ha Ha
nope.. mo Kaifik..


Fashionista said...

i didn't know that they confiscated books and paintings ordered by mail!

Miznah said...

they do hun..
CDs DVDs..