Friday, January 9, 2009


do you feel as small as I do?
as lucky?
as thankful?
all your stupid tiny problems are suddenly irrelevant and worthless?
الحمدلله الذي عافاني مما ابتلاه به وفضلني على كثير من خلقه تفضيلا


-mate said...


i heard about this condition but never seen vedio records. this condition (sob7an allah) they have elderly disases although they are in their small age.

Of course it happens only in defects in susceptible individuals. el3ajyeeb tadryeen shno?

enna how would many members in the same family they have all they same defects??!!!

It seems like hereditary more than a mutation in the genes

Thanks 3ala vedio, o el7imdllah 3al 9e77a
Keep going

Fashionista said...

مساكين :/

Anonymous said...

and your right.... those documentations on ppl with such diseases are always a reality check to not sit and wallow over the smallest of problems we face...

PaLoMiNo said...

waiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(
el7amdela 3ala kilshay!!!

abe ayeebla mobile :( gaal yaby mobile!!!:(

Miznah said...


e I saw it before bas in one child per family not more, o 3ala goltik it opens up the possibility ina yikoon hereditary, true.
allah yikoon ib 3onhom walla.

thank you for passing by :)


misakeen shwaya 3alaihom :(


so true
alf il7amdillah


waaaaaaaaaay siktay idma3at 3aini wallah.. mobile!! mino ma 3inda mobile! wa3alayya widdy a6areshla..

Fskra said...

el7mdelah 3la el 97a o
el 3afiya .. el7mdelah wala 7wl wala qwt ela belah ..

it's hard to live with progeria and it's much harder to face the world with this disases ..

thanks 3la el video sis ..