Sunday, January 4, 2009

Light 'n Airy

Look of the week: contemporary Frou Frou

don't you dare ruin it with a bodysuit


Anonymous said...

That little ribboned sock is precious!! So cool! Mino ubooh?

Fashionista said...

I love!

Miznah said...


ma a3arf ubooh,, bas abkha9 ommah 3adil..
Prada (SS 09)



;) ma shawegech 3ala il9aif?

Fashionista said...

uhhh min 9ijjich!

i miss august like u wouldn't believe :/

Wenni3im ib Prada

Miznah said...


yin3am ib 7alich.. :P

The Simper said...

el dress.. china gara6ees! hehehe

wil little white thingy bil shoes looks like a piece of roll tissue got stuck in the shoe!

NEXT fashion pics plzzzzzzz ;)

Miznah said...


I never expect a man to understand the maturity of such a wonderful design and the complexity of its fabric..
so, you're pardoned :P

joy said...

i gusse a bit summeri totaly not now

Miznah said...


it's totally summery mo a bit bas :)
akeeeeeeeeeeeeeed not for now ;)

FourMe said...

lovin the shoe bs a tad high for me to wear :/

Miznah said...


tad high for me to wear too!
but I'll find a social event that wouldn't need much walking nor standing lol