Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleep Please?

During my teenage years..
they used to wake me up thinking I was dead
min kither ma anam!

I used to sleep all the time

10 hours.. shino 10!
say 12, 13, sometimes 15!
depends itha "mwa9la" willa la'
samta wa7da

6a3sh sina passes by..

here I am

I get 3 hours here, 4 there
6 continuous hours if I'm lucky

yigoloon aging
nonsense.. (denial)

the more responsibilities you have, the less you sleep
and the less you sleep, the more headaches you have
and the more headaches you have, the less productive you are
and the less productive you are, the more you're frustrated
and the more you're frustrated, the less logical you become
and the less logical you become.... 3ad 3alaikom il 7isba..

So yeah, "less is more" doesn't apply here..

ah.. if only I could sleep that much now!

and the funny thing is

I set the alarm.. for 8am mathalan
7:50am ana shayla il mobile ashoof ilsa3a..
7ata before the alarm goes off..
do they call it biological clock?
I call it GARADA :/

"the difference between people that wake up and function most effectively in the early morning hours as opposed to those who prefer to sleep late into the morning may well lie in polymorphism within clock genes." -McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

I belong to the latter of course
polymorphism is my answer
(itha mo fahmeenha look it up, like I did :P)

Oh well..


Fashionista said...

no. 12

Miznah said...


LOL بنات الليل

ee night is my best friend..
I love seclusion and it's the best time to have for your own.. to revive..