Sunday, January 11, 2009

Curious George...

This 140 years old, 20 pounds lobster
called George
was just recently released
from a restaurant in Maine, USA.
(with pressure from PETA of course!)
and was granted the gift of life
so he can live his final days in freedom and peace

I'm sure his beloved family and friends are going to be delighted and throw him a huge welcome party, with celebrity guests including


awalan it's a LOBSTER
meant to be eaten somehow
Lobsters are crustaceans that don't like the cold.
and it was released in Maine.. in JANUARY!
(bad PETA bad! *SMACK*)
In winter, it stays put in its hole.
As soon as the water starts to warm up, it reappears.
(ma it was warm in the tank in the first place!)
I like mine grilled to perfection
cooked with butter on easy fire
soft and tender
on a bed of fluffed linguini
a squirt of lemon juice

bon appetit!


Fashionista said...

i'm hungry now!

where have u had your best lobster in kuwait?

Miznah said...

Lobster.. hmmm.. bilkuwait..

ma yirham

actually I never did!