Tuesday, June 2, 2009


André J

it even gives you fashion tips..

استغفر الله



The Simper said...

is s/he east or west?

Miznah said...


it's directionless! ;)

suspic said...

LOL "it".

If it is genderless, than he doesn't have any rights so legally I can take a bat to the side of its head, yes? :D

Zaina said...

I love how your posts are so random:P

haha, iwanes andre!;p and the first video, way kayaft 3alaih, itha7ik! ohu wiya sha3ra:P

unfaithful70 said...

2003 - mad cow disease: cow becomes mad.

2007 - bird flu: bird has runny nose.

2009 - swine flu: pig has runny nose.

2009 o ne9 - monkey flu: monkey's does not know if he/she is a he or she.

Miznah said...


even if it's with gender, I'd commend your action regardless! lol

Miznah said...


Aw thanks dear! ;)

khalaitay illi7ya kil shay o ri7tay seedah 7ag ilsha3ar! lol

Miznah said...


LOL you think it has major issues? hmmmmmmmm

Dalal said...

I kind of liked him looool Zooooqa