Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm liking Manjit..

Freshly graduated from the London College of Fashion, Manjit Deu is the new face of elegant, futuristic clothing design. This newcomer designed a collection that was inspired by Miami's South Beach architecture that had a colorful appeal and a possitive upbeat to it. 
It's a mix of Deco and Disco, in a glamorous way. 
His great tailoring and effortless fit sets him worlds apart from other upcoming designers.
The collection is totally HOT! 

Worth keeping your eyes on him, I know I am.


The Simper said...

wala cool el hnood.. ;)
ma e9amim dishadeesh 6al 3omrich??

Miznah said...


beyond cool!

itha tabee 3alaiha sequins o butterflies.. :)