Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well.. Hello everyone!

I've been super-duper-abso-freakin-lutely-over-my-head-expialidociously busy these days!
So Happy New Year to u!
If you're curious about my festive new year's eve .. click here :)
ok to make a long story short.. I've been to a wedding recently.. and aaaaaaaaaaaah.. I have to let out.. I don't want to be judgemental or anything.. actually yes I do LOL I love blogging for that sole reason.
It has been an experience, almost like a movie.. at times I almost cried, I laughed, I was scared, had tears in my eyes, got angry, and surely disappointed.. but then laughed hysterically at the end!

What's the trend in Kuwaiti weddings you ask me?

Ok, so here's the deal: some women wore identical dresses or jumpsuits or whatever (I wish they read my previous post before going) so we couldn't help but compare; who wore it best?

Then comes the hottest trend of this season and I was so sarcastically sad that I didn't catch up on this new craze..
Long, over the elbow gloves.. in all sorts of colors! but mainly black, and white, with jewelry on top.. now how about that for an 80's tacky revival!
I am sure they meant no harm and wanted to pull it off as graceful and elegant as possible, but I'm afraid that's impossible. These women lacked taste, poise, class, style etc.. for they had too much colors painted on their faces, some beehives and a small garden growing on their heads with little nests and chains made out of hair. And to top it all, disturbing jewelry.
They were hoping to pull off an Audrey Hepburn on us, but sadly, it's the whole "B"ackage

ok next comes the
big, thick, boho reverse french braids that end in tiny tails is the hottest thing in K town..

come in third place..
(white cuffs made out of pleated chiffon or lace, gathered and held by a black ribbon)

We're used to seeing women with dark skin apply a ton of lighter toned foundation to weddings. Now it's quite the opposite.
is in!
Being bronze in winter is so chic. And matching your bright hair color to your skin tone is a MUST!

ok last but, absolutely, not least..
Exclusively in Kuwait.
A miniature replica of Burj Khalifa (previously known as burj Dubai) on your head!
Now imagine this.. a black abstract thing, towering 35-40cm above your head with a diameter of around 15-20cm, pointed at the tip. Just like the burj. Now that's something..
I admired her for her courage, and only for that.

ciao for now :)


Um Mit3ib said...

LOL i was a that wedding;p

a. the tower over the head was too much

b. jumpsuits are not suitable for weddings.. i dont care if their stella mccartney... MAYSEER

c. i didnt mind the white glovish one with the black cuffs;p the gloves with the fur though kint bakafekh'ha;P

d. (u didnt comment on this) BOOTS ARE NOT FOR WEDDING!!!! even if u paid a ton of money... NOT FOR WEDDINGS!

w bs ;p

shahrazad said...

LoooL Hathy lekuwait 9al 3ala niby .....

"S" said...

Bravo! Hats off, could not have articulated better on this subject...

Miznah said...

Um Mit3ib,

I had a feeling that I know u lol hmmm..

a. way beyond too much!
b. absolutely
c. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :x
d. mashift boots!!!! chan kitabt! (who was it? LOOOL)

shahrazadi :** 6umasha!



Um Mit3ib said...

so do u know me;p?

2 girls were wearing balmain buckle boots:P with different jumpsuits:P (not the stella ones)

Miznah said...

Um Mit3ib,

maybe.. what were you wearing? :D

ee sa7 sa7 sa7 sa7... I saw one, killish la2!

Glitter said...

Hmmm mn ziman ma re7t 3ers, so I guess feathery headbands are out now ;)

Anonymous said...

heard a lot about that wedding
but ur reportaj IS THE BEST

Miznah said...


waih khobrich 3ateej.. ;)


LOL merci!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you like anything at the weeding? Wasn't there something you liked to share with us?

Anonymous said...

"Wedding". Typo sorry!

Miznah said...

Anony, (#2)

The purpose of writing this post is to highlight some hideous trends in weddings nowadays, not to cover an event from A to Z.
But since you asked, I loved everything about the bride and the decor ;)

The Simper said...

bonsoir :)

Miznah said...


Bonjour again :) ├ža va?

The Simper said...

ee ee je suis super ca va bien ;)

Um Mit3ib said...

im the girl with the sequin green shoes:P

Miznah said...

Um Mit3ib,

wallah 9ara7atan I was overly distracted by the top part of women, more than the bottom lol so mathin I noticed :)

Anonymous said...

we know who you are .. mo 3aib nas imqadrenich o 3azmenich tetkalmain 3anhum ib hal 6ariqa.. the funny part Anoud u were invited mn our side.. and says who we liked what u were wearing or your hair style .. no1 said you have the right to judge whats in fashion and whats not cz simply your NOT in fashin with the way you look in every aspect ;).. shame on you sweetie o allah yahdich :) cheers
p.s: i dare you to post the comment in a new blogging subject :*

Miznah said...

Dear Anony,

I don't know why you're ticked. This is my blog and I write whatever I want. No daring. No competition. Nothing written to humilify your family, or any other family for that matter. Simply my opinion. Strictly in hidious fashion. Again in "my" opinion. Nothing shameful in that matter. So when people talk about it's ok, but when someone writes about it it's a taboo? lol mujtama3na il7ilo..
Allah yihada iljamee3 o yi9le7kom o yi9aberkom 3ala ma ibtalakom bih.. :)))

every 2 seconds there's a new blog so... :)

Have a nice day :))))

Bibi Nasser said...

wow anoud you're sooooo mean, i wont ever invite you to any of my non-existent social affairs because you must like everything about me and my non-existent sense of fashion. Btw, my brother's getting married in November, i'm earing a navy oscar dress and if you don't approve i will die.