Sunday, February 22, 2009

Italian Road trip

Italy's countryside
what a breathtaking view
we took a 3 hours road trip
It was a beauuuuutiful sunny day
perfect weather
Abba's music in the background
(navigator's annoying hypnotic voice is disabled of course!)
shuffling numerous maps in my hand
a camera in the other
roads were smooth and straight forward
happy drivers along the road
I started noticing that once you're in the highway
you can drive for almost an hour without a single exit!
so you better know exactly where you're going otherwise you're screwed
all was under control
we're on the right track
when all of a sudden
I took a quick glimpse at the navigator
"what the..!!" I said, with a broken voice
so.. trying to get from point a to point b took us at least 30 minutes!
of course there was some screaming
slowing down
turning in the same round-about at least 3 times
coffee spilled
maps crumpled
phone keeps on ringing and ringing o mo wagta
when we finally made it I thought
"Italians don't always do it better"

but once we arrived at our destination

I realized that.. THEY DO!


Fashionista said...

is that where you've been hiding all this time?

tell us more about the trip

more pics would be nice too

Miznah said...


ilmoshkila inna I don't take that much scenery pics, most of my pics include people who are usually us :P

Fashionista said...

well i wouldn't mind seeing them :P

The Simper said...

buona fortuna! ;)

good luck.. and have fun :)

Miznah said...


yeah why would you? :P


Grazie mille!
This was a couple of months ago, just felt like sharing the experience now :)