Sunday, February 15, 2009

karma.. it's coming to get you..

how can I simplify it..
a person is rewarded or punished
as a consequence of one's actions
if you hurt others verbally, mentally or physically.. your release of negative energy will soon come back to you one way or the other
and vice versa
if you do good deeds and say nice things, your positive energy will result in bringing you happiness and peace
(unless you truly comprehend your mistakes and sincerely apologize for making them which is a heroic act by itself)
everybody makes mistakes
(they vary by size and importance of course)
why do people make others' mistakes their personal issue?
why do they pry on others' business?
why do they ridicule the misfortune of others?
لما الناس تقول
"ماكو دخان بدون نار"
لأ .. للأسف أكو
أكو ناس تروج اشاعات لغرض في نفسهم
و للتسليه و االهو في مشاعر, و حياة و اعراض الآخرين
there are people who thrive on the misery and fragility of others its disgusting
people who are deeply sad and insecure (or abused) from the inside
people who are full of themselves who never see their own broken environment before judging others
people who are full of hatred and jealousy
people who claim to be angelic yet they're merely the devil in disguise
people who try to always see the faults of others before their virtues
those kind of people never realise that one day
they will be in a worse situation
and there will always be a person just like them
to laugh and talk about what happened
judge and make fun
So please think before you utter disgraceful remarks that will definitely make a mark in other people's lives

treat others as you would wish to be treated


Anonymous said...

i strongly agree with u.ur absolutely right,what goes around comes around! but you know what, unfortunately hatha mujtama3ich,nobody learns, infact nobody wants to! all that u said is very true and sad because it plays a vital role in our/their society,as perceived by thou,the pretentious and followers,am not saying its right but it's existing,,,and as we speak now ba3ad.

Fashionista said...

Karma's a bitch!


i really missed your posts tara :**

Miznah said...


the problem with "mujtama3na" inna they don't practice what they preach! they're a bunch of sick hypocrites, who are always on the hunt for the mistakes of other. They should seriously get a life.
and thanks for your comment :)


it is! that was going to be the title a9lan lol
awww :* my blogger friend!