Monday, February 23, 2009

My Fashion Review.. Oscars 2009

Marisa Tomei.. in Versace Atelier. A bit on the skinny side, but the dress is stunning, love the folds, my fav.

Angie.. Oh Angie.. too boring my dear..
(kind of reminded me of snow white's evil step mother)

Bridget Fonda.. I sympathize.

Melissa George.. Where's the groom?

Amanda Seyfried.. Loose the straps and the shoes and it might, just might, look good.

Tilda Swinton.. Beauty Queen from Mars..

Alicia Keys.. nice color, looking glam.

Leslie Mann.. Disco ball?

Virginia Madsen .. like the color, hate the shape. Makes you look bulky on top.

Queen Latifa.. over weight + satan = Disaster.

Heidi Klum.. Love the dress and jewellery, but not for the oscars.

Jessica Biel.. you have one of the most beautiful figures in hollywood, why hide behind a giant drape?

SJP.. It might be a little fairy-tailish, but I like!

The Pimp, Mickey Rourke.

Taraji P. Henson.. Beautiful dress, hair and necklace!

Beyonce Knowles.. you need to sit down and breath (if you can) and think about all the damages you've caused.
And what's up with this robotic pose!!

Miley Cyrus.. you look like a christmas tree on a snowy day..
too old for you. love the top part though.

Vanessa Hudgens.. would have loved seeing bright colors on you. Dress is fine, compared to Miley's.

Kate Winslet.. Love Love the color. But I feel as if there's something missing, a smile?

Anne Hathaway.. yet another safe and boring choice.
dress makes her big features pop up making her head look as if it's not in proportion with her body. Dress is blukh..

Penelope Cruz.. I know its vintage Balmain and all.. but still!

Natalie Portman.. Love the color, but it's more like a prom dress.

Amy Adams.. Red head, Red dress, Red carpet.. ENOUGH!


Fashionista said...

my fav. was SJP

loved your fashion review, we need more of those :)

vancouver said...

Taraji's dress by Roberto Cavalli
was the best !

Frieda Pinto's blue dress was also nice !

The Simper said...

loved ur review and comments ;)

and LOOOL at the DISCO BALL!! :P

Miznah said...


Thanks babe* inshalla will do ;)


hello :) yes I agree it's beautiful!
Pinto's dress, not my cup-a-tea..


Thank you Simp ;)
3ad "Disco ball" was the safest choice of my original comments! lol

Euphoria said...

(heart) Heidi Klum's dress