Monday, July 13, 2009

Hotel Chocolat.. simply toothsome..

I've always walked by Hotel Chocolat on Kings Rd. without the slightest interest in entering.
The name sounded like a cheesy imitation of La Maison du Chocolat. So I decided no, I won't go.
Despite of the delicious display of mouth watering chocolates, whispering "taste me" every time I glimpsed while passing by, I always ignored it.. thinking I don't need it, with internal tears..
What really invited me to walk in this time is the desperation for something sweet , like right NOW!
As I entered the store, full of scepticism for I heard it was British, I decided to step in with no expectations.
"Let's take a quick look" I said, as I was in a hurry. Well, well, well! my definition of quick was 25 minutes of mmmmm's and aaaaaaah's and embraceable chocolate bars.
I nearly bought everything.. seriously..
Kids do not dare compete with me!

I will not review each and every piece I tried, 'cause it'll take me ages and will keep me away from my precious coco's!

So I'll make it short and unbelievably sweet..

3 words:

Road Slab

I had to include a picture that shows how gigantic it is!

It's enormous!! 500g!!

There's no way in hell I could eat this myself, I thought.

But only after one bite, my sane thoughts were melting away.. gradually...

I'm inhumane and will not share.. period.

Hotel Chocolat portrays this 500g mass of yum as a “journey of textures to complete satisfaction.” I second that!

I indulged while listening to this soulful song...



Ruby Woo said...

Hungry. Hungry as ever thank you very much. It's 5:19 am and I don't have any access to chocolate. I want that gigantic one.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Share With Mee mee mee :O
Where can i get this?

Bloggerista said...

enjoy londoning hun, just got back from there and i'm thankful i resisted the Hotel Chocolat temptation...

i don't have a sweet tooth, my guilty pleasure is selfridges square pie with mushy peas, ahhhhh i miss it already

unfaithful70 said...

ya3ni aqwa men kakaw bo la7am?

Miznah said...

Ruby Woo,

loool send me ur address I'll send you one for lonely nights!


NO SHARING and I don't care! LOL
it's in London, Click on the link and it'll take u to their web-page. they recently opened a store in the States but I'm not sure where exactly.


Oh that's where u were! :P welcome back..
you're lucky for not having a sweet tooth! haven't tried it.. where is it, in the gallery rest.?



Bloggerista said...

it's jiddam pret a manger elly dakhel selfridges, right next to crispy creme, then u can satisfy your sweet tooth with a skinny red velvet cup cake, they only call it "skinny" cuz the creme cheese is not full cream, it tastes soooo naughty though

enjoy babes :*

Miznah said...


Willy ma yadri inna fee Selfridges Pret o crispy cream! LOL I don't go to that section I guess..
ashwa 'cuz I HATE skinny anything! :P

thx :**

faisal said...

i believe it contains alcohol

Miznah said...


isn't that a plus? ;)

faisal said...

not for me

Miznah said...


I've tried this bar and I don't think it does. maybe othere kinds but not this.

faisal said...

ya after searching i think its clear lool :) , but a lot of their items contains alcohol