Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morning coffee addicts!

"coffee culture by shenkar college of engineering and design"

I want my espresso in this cool bubbly cup..

wouldn't mind having a small bite of Aero chocolate too! :)


kcal said...

oooo its so funky and cool! 3ijabni wayed

Anonymous said...


The Simper said...

how do u clean it??

Miznah said...


3indich thooq ;) yeah so funky


3ala il coffee willa il Aero? lol


3ad la itdaqeq allah yihadak!
fee wa7id 3ala screw, AL3AN..
and it will screw the person cleaning it for sure LOL

Bloggerista said...

i love it, where can i get one?

Abdullah said...

That looks good and the oreo part fits right in there, umm umm umm :P

Anonymous said...

the glass with the coffee and the diet-sabotaging chocolate.. mmm...ana a7ibbah!

suspic said...

Out of nowhere and with clear intentions, you're by far one of my favorite bloggers. I love the topics you choose and your point of view on things.

First person I've said this to, considering how gay it sounds. Cherish this.

Miznah said...


min 6awwal ilghaibaat!! :* how ru?
walla I don't think it's in production yet.. it's a students project.. will check later and let you know! ;)


inta ilwa7eed illy la7ath iltashaboh baina o bain il Aero ya thaki ;)
or didn't you? lol


mmmmmmmmm ana a7ibbah akthar! LOL.. mouth watering adri..

Miznah said...


this is totally not an "awwwwww gay" moment.. and definitely is a "WOW I'm honored" one..
coming from you it's incredibly flattering and it's taking me on a much needed EGO trip at this very moment ;)


unfaithful70 said...

i love it

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Wow that's so cool i almost peed my pants..

Miznah said...


Glad u did ;)


out of excitement?..