Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm in desperate need of one.. ASAP

"The anti-paparazzi clutch is a wearable device designed to counter the attacks of flash photography from paparazzi. It’s unique patent pending technology allows the celeb to block any number of incoming shots. And in case you do like to be photographed the design allows you to control whether your flash is on or off by the way you hold the bag. "

malaina min il ta9weer! eff....


Anonymous said...

God I need one.

"S" said...

Tell me about it!!! This will make life much easier..
Eee wallah mallaina

Miznah said...

ismy & "S",

I was about to order for us but they're not in production yet.. I guess we'll have to endure the flashes for this summer..
Go Glam all the time!