Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you ready for 2010 Cruise/Resort Collection?

Ready or not.. here it comes..

I assembled some of the best looks for u.. take a peak at what's coming..


Anonymous said...

McQueen!! Ferretti!!! Burberry!!! Donna Karan!!! Valli!!! Preen!! GORGEOUS!! ABSOLUTE LOVE!

Um Mit3ib said...

the oscar black gown is shay ma sar;p

Miznah said...


ana add Stella awal wa7id thabi7ni..
o Herve Leger?? black and white?

Um Mit3ib,

imsakkit! get it if u have an occasion ;)

The Simper said...

mako something for men in ur recommendations plz? :P

bas mahala 3alaich so many pics.. u should add numbers for voting on them and comments so we know :)

suspic said...

I like the green ones if that matters. =O

Miznah said...


for men Dishdasha o yikhub! ya bakhatkom wallah..

khoosh fikra.. next time asawee voting.. nan6er ilsummer koleksioooooon ;)


Long time! :)

it sure does! I do too.. green is always so flattering..

Anonymous said...

i wish i wasnt preggers :( very nice choices..

Miznah said...


NEVER ever say that! ur blessed! :* fashion can wait.. babies can't :***
ur glowing, and thinner than most of us so sharrappp lol