Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hail to the King of the United States of Africa

Read away.. and away..

He wanted to set camp in Central Park and he called Obama "My son" LOOOOL ya3ni African o same same.. !

I would visit him! gahwa 3arabiya ib khaima 3ala central park.. ayabaaaaaaaaah!.. mazaja ya3jebni il9ara7a LOL

They called him bizarre.. I see him as entertaining!

I think I'm a fan.. I'm getting his "Green Book" immediately..


The Simper said...

no comment!

unfaithful70 said...

pls get me his brooch as well ;)

Euphoria said...

He's "tu7fa" :P

Miznah said...


there's nothing to say really lol


I'll try! matabee il chapeau?


tu7fitain! me likey :D

Hope said...

I thought he's vey funny .. kind of weird o funny at the same time

it seems like he's really serious abt whatever he's talking abt .. it's like he's in a diwania & is complaining to his friends lol
so funny

Miznah said...


that's why I like him lol casual ilrayyal!