Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas.. Volume. 1

This summer, I've seen the good (rarely), the bad, and the UGLY.. so I have some tips for the latter..

before anyone bombards me with comments like:

"this is a matter of personal taste"

"7araam 3alaich mo kel ilnaas"

"everyone is free and is entitled to wear whatever they please"

I know..


This is my blog which represents my personal taste, concepts, and vision..

either you agree or disagree, is entirely up to you..

lola ikhtelaf il athwaaq la barat il sila3..

o lo ma il athwaaq chan ma 9ar 3indina shay intekalam feeh! :D

So, after this nice polite introduction, let me get down to business.. not so politely lol

DON'T wear tight clothes, tube tops and low-waist pants if you're overweight. The muffin-top look is EXTREMELY unattractive.

DO wear simple plain (the less the print the better) clothes that cover up your problem areas and flatter your stronger features.

wear anything fake.. even if you think poeple won't realise it's fake, YOU know it is.. and you will not impress me.

(I can spot a fake from miles away so beware >:)

DO wear authentic articles that you can afford.

DON'T overdue your makeup in the day time. You'll end up looking like a drag queen.

DO differentiate between day and night makeup. Apply simple eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and a hint of blush. You'll instantly feel lighter and would nail the day look.

DON'T match the color of your handbag with your shoes, belt, accessories, head band and lipstick. Boring.

DO feel free to shock us with your unique style and color combination.

DON'T wear skinny jeans if you're a man.. it's absolutely gross!!

DO throw them out immediately if you own any!

DON'T wear neon colors from head to toe! You don't want to end up looking like a punk (matching 7ijab, nail polish, lipstick, shoes, bag.. no no NO!!

DO wear one neon article of clothing or accessory at a time.. blend with neutral colors..

DON'T wear Juicy "training" or any other tracksuit with heavy makeup and back-combing.. wrong combo.. (3alabonna casual)

DO wear tracksuits for chalet.. Jam3iyah.. visiting friends. That's it!

DON'T ignore your chipped nail polish. It's cheap and vulgar.

DO maintain healthy looking nails with weekly manis and pedis. Nail polish is always a plus.

DON'T wear uncomfortable new season platforms just for the sake of parading them. You'll end up with plenty of blisters and a retarded walk.

DO wear mid heels and comfy high ones only if you can work it!

DON'T do the MC Hammer/Harem pants. Period. (kids and waiters in lebanese restaurants are exceptions)

DO wear any other pants.. but harem lol

DON'T wear crunchies, big bows or small feathered birds on your head if you're over 16 years of age.

DO wear subtle headpieces and hair accessories with gold and silver accents.

DON'T frown.

DO smile :)

enough for now.. there are more volumes to come..

ciao ;)


"S" said...

Juicy Couture & Backcombing....
Can't wait for Volume.2

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Abbbbaiiih 3ajeeb ;p
ashkorech ;p

joy said...


also add dont match ur blackberry cover colors with ur clothes

Miznah said...


you know exactly who I'm talking about looooool coming coming :*


7athreen ;) lol


eeeee nuq6a muhimmaa hathi! lol inshalla in next volumes ;)

Anonymous said...


The Simper said...

can u please print them and distribute them in malls?!?!?!?


i will pay for that! wala a7san min hal leaflets elli we get at different car parkings!

Miznah said...


LOOOOOOL illy lo tshofeenha profile see-through ilsha3ar!! yeah that's her loool :*


LOOOOL E-mail it to them wayid arkha9! teknalooojyah! :P

shahrazad said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Its So true, yallah naby volume.2... bacher min al sub7 bawaze3 ely gitlich 3anhum!!!

Miznah said...


laish bitwaz3eenhom?? laa khaleehom o libseehom 3ashan agoollich "tha77akteenah wanasteenaah" LOOL!!

Summer said...

i loved that, but weekly manicures and pedicures are not good for your nails.. if you do that your nails will be fragile and will break easily, it should be at least once a month or every two weeks! ;p

Miznah said...


weekly maintenance wala yhimmich :)