Wednesday, April 29, 2009



B.Ubi said...

it seeems cool documentary ...

The Simper said...

interesting.. i always loved this number.. it is fascinating..

yet i might need to know the accuracy of those distances.. cause deciding a place on earth is kinda relative and distances are measured in different ways.. especially with the limits of lands, it is kinda debatable.

a7mad Nabeel said...
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Abdullah said...

Miznah, I want to hug you right now, this video calmed my ill brain, calmed my stupid doubts, calmed me down.

I can not thank you enough for this, this to me is one of the ultimate highlights of this month!


Miznah said...

B. Ubi

seem like it!


ee I thought so too.. I guess we'll have to see the whole documentary to judge ;)
Thanks for the link!!


Every now and then, it's natural to have doubts about various things in life, and the right answer is always around you. You just have to keep an open eye and inshalla you'll find your serenity!

Don't thank me, thank the creator of this documentary.

(Virtual HUG)

Bloggerista said...

yah yah yah

el new look shayyyy ;****

Miznah said...


merci merci awi :* shayyyyyy