Saturday, April 18, 2009

La beauté vérité..


Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova and Sophie Marceau, all are featured in April's Elle (France) edition of "Stars Without Makeup".
Unadorned, unaltered .

No Photoshop.
No retouching.
No makeup (well, un petit peu).
The results are superb.

It's sad that we've come to a point where it's shocking and audacious to see natural looking women on magazine covers.
A woman should be appreciated and loved for the sum of all her parts, even the imperfect ones.


The Simper said...

thumbs up for the three!! j'aime beaucoup! :)

Bloggerista said...

sophie looks angelic

imagine they do this with 7aleema oo masha3el el zankawi, u think they look scarier with or without makeup?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, but they all look to me like homeless drug addicts in rehab!

Doesn't really hurt anyone to wear some make up! I really doubt it's as annoying as much as shaving every morning! :-P

Miznah said...


I hear ya! ;)


3ad I thought Sophie looked ghostly!
hmmmmmm... Things that make me go hmmmmmm... wallah su'al mu7ayyer o mu7rij ib nafs il wagt! LOL

Dakhtar! cute lol

aaah 3araft no3ik.. full makeup day/night..
ee fi3lan some makeup is harmless but they're trying to prove inna makeup doesn't beautify woman..
well in some maybe.. lol

it's all about the core..

kcal said...

LoL Bloggerista, good question. I think without makeup they would look far better than with! At least titraga3 bil 'natural' beauty excuse

But these three are beautiful.

Anonymous said...


really? Was that the vibe you go outta moi? :-P

Full makeup day and night?
Nah.. Wrong again love :-P

Cold... !

a7mad Nabeel said...

ay shay !!!
hathi sophie marceau ???!
walla ma3raftha !
bas el kbeer yab8a kbeeer
monica bellucci b3ad a7la bdoon make up

nice :)

Miznah said...


3awirtik wayid "full maukeup day and night" hah? LOL

a7mad Nabeel,

7ayaak allah :)
wintaaa kebeeeer.. Monica o ig6a3 lol