Monday, April 27, 2009

Pet Peeve 2

Puddles of water around the sink


Anonymous said...

Is there suppose to be a link embedded in the post? Cuz I ain't getting nutting!

Miznah said...

Doc LOL no link.
it's just a pet peeve!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a pet peeve?

Parlez vous Arab?

Miznah said...

"A pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it." - Wikipedia

So my pet peeve is when ppl leave water puddles around the sink without having the courtesy of wiping it..

Got it?

Anonymous said...

si si comprende!

That's annoying alright!

Still, look at the bright side!
Sice you're a lady you never have to use the "gents"!
Cuz i'm telling ya it's a puddle in there alright... but it ain't no water! :-P

I'm horrible i know!

Miznah said...

Doc! EW! LOL

u'll be surprised what you can find in the ladies room.. NASTY!

bas we're talking about puddles of WATER here o bas.. other stuff are eveyone's pet peeve which technically doesn't make them pet peeves.. hmmm.. fahamt? ana chinny thayya3t lol

Anonymous said...


fahamt... However!
That isn't necessarily everyone's "pet peeve"!

Trust me... I just found out recently that the word "fetish" can have a totally different meaning for some people!

In a "more-than-a-puddle" sorta way!

Right right... I'm gonna shut up now!

Miznah said...

LOL oh God,, this post is turning in the wrong direction now..
the subject of fetishes needs a whole new blog entirely!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't expecting any sympathy from you on that topic to be fair..
but yeah sure, why not!
You start the blog! I'll comment! :-P

Sorry but I've got a reputation to maintain!

Ocuh! Did that hurt? :-P

Miznah said...


Obviously, it's way past your bedtime..
My reputation is sincerely professional. But with your reputation, you can easily start that blog.. no?

I'm "tres" not interested :D

Anonymous said...


Right just wanted to clarify here that I was only kidding... and in case you were offended I apologize about that!

reading my last comment again makes me feel that I did take it a bit too far.. so yeah!

Forgive moi? :-P

Miznah said...