Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carine Roitfeld on CNN Revealed

I want to be in her shoes.. LITERALLY!


Anonymous said...

love her

Bloggerista said...

i hear ya

she needs to do something with her hair, no?

Miznah said...


e shaaay!


something? illa PLENTY wintay ilsajjah.. but I think she's trying to hide her wrinkles or procedures..

Anonymous said...


How's it going luv!

No clue how I never noticed this blog before, especially that I usually enjoy "whoreing" around blogs, But I'll just blame you since it's easier

Have to say though, I Love It!

Helmos work in the "Betes de mode" post is quiet interesting... and different, artistic... Not that I know much about art anyway.
Any chance I can get the Capricorn guy pic in a bigger size? ;o)

As for... Jon Kortajarena Redruello... Erm, that pic with grandpa licking his sneakers was a bit disturbing... yeah!

Now if you're looking for a HOT model... google Jonathan Rhys Meyers... :-P

Happy to add you to my "follow" list... ;o)

Miznah said...

Dr Blue,

7ayyak allah!
Thanks for the compliments ;)

I try to keep a low profile,u know.. word of mouth, never advertise.. so it slowly builds a reputation! (fingers crossed :/)

Helmo's capricorn.. hmmm..
well I tell ya, bigger ain't always better so u better stick to what we offer here :p

And about the Diesel ad with the guy licking his shoes, it's meant to be funny in a foot-fetish-gone-bad kinda way! lol

o JonathanOOOH a3arfa zain!!!
can't wait for tudors season 3!!!
I hope he doesn't bloat up though, guess he has to at some point..

o ba3ad shino.. hmmm..

oh.. the pleasure is all mine ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it... Another The Tudors fan?

To be honest I couldn't be arsed about King Henry's life! Just enjoy watching JRM... :-P

Miznah said...

Dr. Blue,

yes the ONLY Tudors fan :P

sorry bas Henry Cavill is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaay muchhh mooorreee hotter!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Obviously this isn't gonna work...
and by "this" I mean... moi est toi!

The Disappointment! :-P

Miznah said...

Dr. Blue,

LOL oh well.. at least I respect your bluntness and wishful thinking! :P

faisal said...

if Tom Ford say that shes funny and sexy
then she gotta be good