Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Luck Gone Bad..

In 2005, my eyes came across the most beautiful painting of Egyptian icons. I didn't know the name of the artist or any information about it. I just simply fell in love with it.
On October 30th 2008, Christies' Dubai catalogue falls straight onto my lap without introduction. Wrapped in plastic, I quickly tore it out of it's bondage and looked through its crisp pages.

Surprise Surprise! There it is.. staring at me.. popping right in front of my eyes to the point that I could almost touch it. Overjoyed like a child who's just got a PlayStation. or something..
"I WANT IT" I thought, loudly.
Little that I know that the auction was over.. checked out the date, it was today.. the painting is gone..
It was sold slightly above the lowest estimated price!!! (yi7errr)

Chant Avedissia

so.. anyone who is slightly interested in pleasing the hell out of me, please consider this painting as a gift lol.. THANK YOU!


libero anima said...

can't blame you for falling in love with the painting ..

it's amazing ..

Miznah said...


I appreciate your taste ;)