Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good will Hunting..

The days of "ladies in waiting" could be over when it comes to marriage proposals.
It's very hard to accept the idea of a woman proposing to a man in our society. Well, If you look at it from a traditional point of view it wouldn't work, for we still have arranged marriages so that idea is completely out.

But what if we focus on the not-so-traditional kinds of marriages. Woman and men are more exposed to each other nowadays and so their innocent relationships could evolve into something more intimate. What if the woman felt that she found the mythical "perfect man" and would love to spend the rest of her living days with him. Why should she wait and play games to try to manipulate him into proposing? What if by doing so she pushes him so hard by constantly hinting that it makes him shrug and leave?

Its very hypocritical of us to judge women who propose to men based on traditional values and beliefs, but on the other hand praise our open mindedness and liberal way of living. At the end it's a personal issue.
Women today take on larger leadership roles at home, the workplace and in society in general. They control finances, raise the kids, run businesses and even run for president. It's only natural that they've begun to assume these roles in the realm of romance, as well.

I can understand that traditionally men feel obliged to pop the question, and probably would feel awkward or even offended if the woman beat him to the punchline. But there are many ways that women can smoothly bring up marriage issues to test the waters. To me, the same applies vice versa.

So why could a woman not propose?

I personally cannot do it if I wanted to but If a friend has guts to do it, I say why not, GO for it! even if its not a Leap Year.. :)

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