Saturday, November 29, 2008

My New Year's Resolution


My name is Miznah

And I'm a liPickaholic


Hello Miznah..

I pick my lip all the time, day and night. I've been an avid lip picker for as long as I can remember. I extremely despise the fact that I have extra skin on my lip. throughout the day, I constantly run my fingers on my (lower) lip in hopes of finding something to pick on. Anything. And I sometimes dig into perfectly smooth skin just to try and find something!

obsessive-compulsive? (I just realized! Ooh

It's like I'm on a constant never-ending mission. I do it when I'm watching TV, reading a book, listening to someone, bored, nervous, stressed, driving, concentrating, or for no apparent reason.
It completely takes me into a trance or trance drives me into doing it. Either or.. it's bad.
I tried distracting my hands, but guess what, I'm picking my lip with my teeth as I'm typing this blog entry! (how sad)
I couldn't believe how common it was and how serious it can get until I researched about it. I also did not realize it was a disorder until I googled "lip picking." There's also hypnotherapy for lip pickers! (now I'm a bit scared)
So, as for my 2009 new year's resolution, I'll try my very best to stop this savage habit, Inshallah!


Anonymous said...

I was fine until I started reading your entry.. then I picked and picked throughout...

Miznah said...

you're on your own on this one lol