Saturday, November 22, 2008

To forgive or not to forgive..

The question is: am I willing to forgive?
By nature, every person is capable of forgetting, or pretending to forget. But forgetting by itself doesn't make the problem go away. It'll still be there. Unless we forgive and truly let go.
I'm a forgetful kind of person. For instance, if I fought with someone, I can barely remember all the tiny details the next day. I would surely remember the main points but totally forget the rest. Some say it's a blessing, and it is! but where is my dear memory when I'm calm and can rationally talk this thing through?! gone.. Puff..
I have experienced a lovely childhood with some painful memories along the way. And I'm at peace with myself now. Not only because I forgot, but because I sincerely forgave. Life taught me that blaming and pointing pointless fingers at others will never solve my tiny problems. Nor will it put my restless soul at ease. Learning how to let go and move on is an art form by itself.In my humble opinion, forgiveness doesn't come naturally. It's a discipline, therefore its acquired.
It's ok to be angry and cry and moan sometimes, break a vase if it makes you feel relieved, but never let anger consume you to the point that you find yourself lost in endless dwelling. Revenge, anger and resentment will soon overcome your life if you don't forgive and tend to take control of your emotions, making you constantly thinking of ill ways to get back at a certain person instead of focusing your energy on positive living. At the end, These repressed feeling will only harm yourself and others around you by emitting negative vibes.
What if I could never let go?
We are likely to think that forgiveness is some kind of weakness and disrespect to our holly person. Quite the contrary. Forgiveness is the niche of emotional and psychological maturity and contentness. You must tame your mind, let down your guard and face your darkest fears. You will then have supreme authority over your righteous being. Isn't that what we all want? The ultimate goal?

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