Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My brain just froze!


Bloggerista said...

ماااالي خلق أفكر :P

DaLaL said...

i got 31 7safah ;)
me too my brain froze el moshkila 3arfa akthar bs spelling ohwa ele wagne :P
nice post by the way ;)

DaLaL said...


Anonymous said...

72! I win!! I win!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed Nagorno-Karabakh!!

Bloggerista said...


this is not my day!

The Simper said...

mashtaghal wiyay! but i copied them! i got 71!!! laish magali u got this number!!!! kahom here!

kuwait usa saudi arabia qatar egypt lebanon iraq iran yemen sudan lybia morroco tunisa oman UAE bahrain pakistan canada mexico britain france germany switzerland spain pourtugal holland india sweeden norway brazil argentena australia south korea north korea japan russia poland south africa niger nigeria mali chad ivory coast puerto rico sri lanka cambodia vietnam new zeland iceland lesotho namibia somalia chili cuba zaere kenya syria turkey afganistan itali greece cyprus finland columbia check slovakia crete vatican luzemburge belgium cayman island

Miznah said...


3adi tikbereen o tinsain :P


eee u have to get the right spelling! yalla next time.. practice makes perfect ;)


yeah expected, we know, you always win.. you're the best!
I can't believe you missed it either!!!!! 3ad its ur second home!


itali, tunisa, britain (united kingdom), pourtugal, UAE (united arab emirates), sweeden, argentena, chili, zaere, crete, check, luzemburge, cayman island, vatican (city).

awalan you had spelling mistakes and some were not countries so that's probably why it didn't go through.
try again, each country spelled correctly should enter automatically.
good luck ;)