Friday, March 6, 2009

SO true... LOL


Bloggerista said...

my sister showed me that video today

sooo funny and true indeed :)

i hated those rotary phones hehe

Spicy Pepper said...

Eee walah al wahed yinsa yigool al 7imdilah sa3aat, woo il jeel il yideed mo migaser hehehe. i saw it on facebook the other it was hillarious :)

Miznah said...


ma 3araftich!!!
congrats on the makeover ;)


I hate it when ppl always complain 3omooman, and this new generation mo mga9reen 3ala goltek.

The Simper said...

we need someone to do the same for KUWAITI stuff ;) and have him on TAW EL LAIL ;) ain't that a cool idea..? whatcha think? ;)

Miznah said...


lol you do it! :P
I doubt inna 3indena comedian ib hal mustawa.. ma3anna il material mawjoood..
and who watches Taw il Lail anyway?