Friday, March 6, 2009

I *heart* Calligraphy

I'm in Love!

Arabic Calligraphy is absolutely stunning
the more I get into it the more I love it..

My favs are Kufi

and Maghribi (Andalusi)..

(made me pick my lips while reading.. there goes my new year's resolution!)

Best calligraphy artists for investment nowadays:

Charles Hossein Zenderoudi

Mohammed Ehsai

it's playfully artful, sensual, fluid..

I want to learn..


The Simper said...

wow very nice.. i always wanted to be a master calligrapher! but i am doing the minimum now, i guess.. only scribbles here n there!

show us some of ur calligraphic artistic production.. and let us judge ;)

Miznah said...


Master calligrapher marrah wa7da!
ana 7ata minimum ma 3indi, I hate my hand writing!
ya lait 3indi shay agdar awareekom but unfortunately all I have hand written are letters to the bank and so forth lol
I wanna be a calligrapher period, inkhalee il master 7agek ;)