Saturday, March 14, 2009

Never complain, Never explain..

Q: what is worse than a nagging woman?
A: a complaining man!

I do not like to complain (ok maybe to a selected few)
and I don't like it when people constantly complain..

Does it get worse with age?

We have a list of the most annoying people and try our best to avoid them. People who have CCD (chronic complaining disease (made up tara)) come right at the top! They don't care where you are, in a party, on the streets, doctor's office.. they'll go right ahead and greet you with a sorrowful annoying face, expecting you to respond with: "ha 3asa ma shar" so they can bombard you with their endless string of complaints about random unnecessary useless stuff that you didn't need to know in the first place and don't mean a thing to you.
So don't fall for it and ask "3asa ma shar".
I suggest keeping quite and nodding.
Preferably have a mobile handy, so you could call someone and complain about that complaining person!
LOL yeah I do that, but it's worthy of a complaint! :P

to all you complainers out there - RELAX!

واللي مو عاجبه انقليزي


Bloggerista said...

ahhh complainers moshkel!!

The Simper said...

masima3t el songs.. bas ana ma a7in wayid :P

Miznah said...


7adhom moshkil!!


ma 6la3oolik? or were you too lazy to click? ;)

bas t7in shwaya? lol

The Simper said...

yaaaa ;) too legit to quit :P i mean too lazy to CHLICH :D

Anonymous said...